92130 Long Term Water Damage Cleanup

91935 Long Term Water Damage Cleanup

91935 Long Term Water Damage Cleanup – The homes in this area tend to be a bit older since the City began not too far from the epicenter. Some homes are newer but of the ones that are many are remodels. This lends to faulty pipes, worn down valves, and ways for water to slowly or quickly creep into a home. Long term water damage almost always is synonymous with mold damage. Mold will grow when conditions are right: consistent elevated moisture levels, mainly warm environment, and mainly stagnant air movement like the interior of wallswater damage mold la mesa, under homes, inside cabinets, etc. We have processes that can save homeowners thousands of dollars and days or weeks’ worth of headaches.

How do you remove long term water damage that may have caused mold growth? Here are the steps we will take for your San Diego Long Term Water Damage Cleanup:

1.  Turn off the water source.

2.  Call us immediately at 619.597.2003 to have an estimator evaluate and move forward with remediation. We are available 24/7/365 for emergency services. We will provide a detailed estimate before proceeding with any work.

3.  Turn off the electricity to the affected areas.

4.  Evaluate any need for mold testing. Generally, if visible mold is present then a full remediation is needed, if the amount of mold growth is above a certain level. We will determine this for you and offer a scope of work. If mold testing is needed or you would like to have it done, we can coordinate it for you.

5.  Evaluate the source of the water and extent of the moisture and/or mold damage. We will use a combination of moisture meters, hygrometer, infrared cameras, and/or see cameras to help determine the extent. If needed we can help coordinate a leak detector (i.e. slab leak, etc).

6.  Form a plan for remediation.

7.  Setup negative air containment and size the HEPA air cleaning equipment per the needed number of air exchanges needed to keep the air clean for workers to work.

8.  Remove the porous, non structural materials that are affected by the water damage.

9.  Set up a balanced drying system to dry the affected areas. We will use some combination of dehumidifiers, desiccants, air movers, injection dryiers, floor matt systems, and/or heaters to dry your home.

10.  Check moisture levels daily until they drop to normal conditions then remove the drying equipment.

11.  Continue the air scrubbing cleaning processes with HEPA filtration.

12.  Clean all surfaces with a surfactant and antimicrobial to remove the contaminants and source of contamination. This process prepares the area for final mold testing if the homeowner wants a clearance test.

13.  Assuming a clearance test is desired (i.e. test outside the home for a baseline then inside the contained area…..the passing test will show levels lower inside the containment than regularly walking around outside), coordinate the testing company to clearance test.

14.  Once a passing clearance test is completed, address the issue causing the leak and make that needed repair.

15.  Repair any areas that were removed during the remediation.

If you have long term water damage or mold growth in your home, give us a call at 619.597.2003 for 24/7/365 emergency services. We will take care of ensuring your comfort, ensuring the safety of the work so that after we are done it is safe to occupy, and keep your peace of mind at the top of our priorities.

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