Basement Flooding Lemon Grove

Basement Flooding Lemon Grove

Water damage from a basement flood? It happens.

Basement Flooding Solutions wet wall

Have rain water flood into your basement? Have a pipe burst in the middle of the night? Sewage backup downstairs? Flood from above into your basement? These are examples of water losses that can happen accidentally and cause serious damage to your property.

First step: call us immediately at 619.597.2003.

Here is a list of water damage services that we do. There are many causes for flooding in basements. The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) is an organization that certifies companies in the proper procedures for cleaning different types of water damage (Category 1, 2, and 3). For basement floods or crawlspace floods, many are categorized at Category 3 (basically sewage water) since once water hits ground it is assumed to have many contaminants such as pesticides, organic material, and/or fecal matter from animals.

Basement flooding solutions are outlined below.

Basement flooding solutions for removing water are as below. The photo to the right is an example portable extractor.

  • ExtractionBasement Flooding Solutions water extraction (extension extractor, sump pump, high velocity water pump): we can use of of many different flood removal machines to ge the bulk of the water removed.
  • Remove soil (mechanical, by hand): If there is exposed soil, sometimes the top layer of soil needs to be removed in order to sanitize the area correctly.
  • Apply an absorbent: especially if there is exposed dirt, an absorbent can quickly suck up the water so that it can all then be removed in containers.
Basement flooding solutions for drying out water flooding are as below. The photo to the right is a LGR dehumidifier.

  • Regular low grain refrigerant (LGR) dehumidificationRemediation Basement Flooding Solutions dehumidify: used when areas can be heated up to between 70 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Especially at lower temperature, a desiccant may be needed. Removes moisture from the air and pulls it out of surfaces. These tend to use a lot of mains power though so making sure you have the best energy deal which you could find at websites similar to Usave would be helpful.
  • Desiccant dehumidification: operates in all temperatures and in much lower temperatures than LGR dehumidifiers. Uses small pellets to increase surface area and remove more moisture from the air.
  • Air movement: all dehumidification needs air to move in order to expedite the drying process.
  • Heat drying: adding heat to a room will decrease the times needed to dry the air and structure with dehumidifiers. The catch is that the temperature needs to be checked and regulated to not heat areas up too much.
Basement flooding solutions for sanitizing the affected area are below. The photo to the right is a HEPA air filtration machine.

  • HEPA air filtrationRemediation Basement Flooding Solutions hepa air filter: it is important to not only clean all exposed surfaces but also the air where workers will be and that occupants may return to. Depending on the situation, a carbon filter may be needed to remove tough to remove odors and contaminants.
  • Antimicrobial application: applying a cleaning product that contains an antimicrobial agent or viralcide will help ensure any harmful compounds are broken down.
  • HEPA vacuuming all exposed surfaces: this helps remove contaminants in preparation for cleaning exposed surfaces.
  • Cleaning product surfactant application: a surfactant will pull contaminants from surfaces while cleaning at the same time.
  • Soda blasting: soda blasting uses baking soda particles and pressurized air to remove the top layer of hard to clean surfaces.
  • Dry ice blasting: like soda blasting, dry ice blasting uses dry ice and pressurized air to clean surfaces.
Basement flooding solutions for fixing the flood from reoccurring are below. If the source of water damage is not fixed, then mold can grow under your home and mold remediation removal will be required. Our processes stop mold and microbial growth in their tracks. The photo to the right is a flood from bad drainage.

  • If from a rainwater drainage floodRemediation Basement Flooding Solutions flood : drainage issues can be difficult to locate but with our experience with many issues from flooding due to drainage issue we have found that French drains, re-sloping exterior hills, redirecting flooding paths from the upside of hills, adding a sump pump, re-water proofing exterior and/or interior walls, etc can many times fix the issue. We can help coordinate this fix.
  • If from a pipe burst: the pipe needs to be addressed by fixing the burst point. We can coordinate a plumber for the fix.
  • If from a drain backup issue: sometimes it is an issue from a tree root getting into a drain, other times it is an older drain that has naturally been bloced over time, other times it is an issue from a neighbor or nearby condo owner that has caused the back up. We can help coordinate a plumber for the fix.
  • If from a high humidity issue: moisture from humidity in the air can cause condensation on walls, ceiling, and floors that can appear to be a flood. Many times increasing air flow, adding a permanent dehumidifier, or adding air movement in general can fix this issue. We can help address this with you.
  • If from an unknown issue: sometimes the cause of a flood is not easily seen. In these cases, a combination of investigation, use of a plumber, and / or leak detector man be needed. Sometimes it requires opening walls, floors, or ceilings. We have a miriade of leak detection meters and equipment that can help with the process and we can help coordinate the proper specialty contractor if needed.

Call us at 619.597.2003 for 24/7 evaluation, assessment, and immediate dry out and clean up of your basement flood . We can have a technician on-site in less than an hour, have all the necessary basement flooding cleanup equipment, will walk you through your options before starting, and can your home and life back to normal fast.

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