My San Diego Home Had Lead Paint

My San Diego Home Had Lead Paint. What do I do? The EPA regulates the certification of lead abatement contractors for lead-based paint practices during renovations, repair, and painting. This program is different than obtaining a license for full lead abatement which, for contractors in California, the certification and licensing is done through the California Department of Public Health, is mandated by the California Code of Regulations mainly under Title 8 and Title 10, and are outlined by … [Read more...]

Reliable Restoration Company San Diego

Reliable Restoration Company San Diego RELIABLE RESTORATION COMPANY —There is never an okay time for disaster to strike! Are you looking for a reliable Restoration Company San Diego.At Dry Express Restoration we're open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, three hundred and sixty-five days a year. This means, whenever a disaster strikes in your home, office, or other kind of establishment, we can come in and alleviate the situation. We will respond to your call immediately!  And, our … [Read more...]

San Diego Condo Bathroom Ceiling Flood

San Diego Condo Bathroom Ceiling Flood When you own a condo and have a neighbor cause a flood to your ceiling bathroom ceiling, the process can be frustrating to get it cleaned up and dried out quickly. We have a process to streamline the steps and get your home back to normal very quickly. Here are the steps on how to deal with, clean up, and dry out a flooded condominium bathroom ceiling due to an upstairs neighbor: 1.  Turn off the water immediately. Sometimes this means knocking on … [Read more...]

San Diego Long Term Water Damage Cleanup

San Diego Long Term Water Damage Cleanup San Diego Long Term Water Damage Cleanup -The homes in this area tend to be a bit older since the City began not too far from the epicenter. Some homes are newer but of the ones that are many are remodels. This lends to faulty pipes, worn down valves, and ways for water to slowly or quickly creep into a home. Long term water damage almost always is synonymous with mold damage. Mold will grow when conditions are right: consistent elevated moisture levels, … [Read more...]

San Diego Wood Rot Water Damage

San Diego Wood Rot Water Damage As with most homes in the area, the homes here are prone to San Diego Wood Rot Water Damage. It could be from a leaky pipe, a sudden burst, a sprinkler, a flood from rain, etc that caused water damage. When the water damage occurs without notice or without maintenance when there is a flood, long term water damage and wood rot can occur. When we see wood rot it is due to long term moisture levels. Sometimes it’s from improper construction and other times its from … [Read more...]

Carpet Water Damage Lemon Grove

Carpet Water Damage Lemon Grove CARPET WATER DAMAGE LEMON GROVE - Many homes in the area have carpeting. There are many two story homes as well with carpeting on both floors. When carpet becomes soaked from flooding it is extremely important to dry them out quickly in order to guard against odor, microbial growth, malicious air quality, and damage to the carpeting and pad. We have a process that can save homeowners between 40 and 60% over other companies by safely drying out carpeting and … [Read more...]

Basement Flooding Lemon Grove

Basement Flooding Lemon Grove Water damage from a basement flood? It happens. Have rain water flood into your basement? Have a pipe burst in the middle of the night? Sewage backup downstairs? Flood from above into your basement?  These are examples of water losses that can happen accidentally and cause serious damage to your property. First step: call us immediately at 619.597.2003. Here is a list of water damage services that we do. There are many causes for flooding in basements. … [Read more...]

Lemon Grove Sewage Cleanup Companies

Choosing Lemon Grove Sewage Cleanup Companies Choosing Lemon Grove Sewage Cleanup Companies - Ok, you have a drain flood, sewage backup, overflowed toilet, broken drain line under your home or basement, or a sewage flood in a part of your home. These are very serious sewage issues that if not remediation and repaired correctly can form very serious and harmful conditions for your home and family. Sewage water contains viruses, bacteria and parasites.  If it is not cleaned up correctly health … [Read more...]

Best Same Day Service Restoration San Diego

Same Day Service Restoration San Diego Same Day Service Restoration San Diego - "I recommend Dry Express Restoration for any of your restoration needs. They responded quickly and provided same day service. - Jameson J. Thank you Jameson J. for the amazing review! It was a pleasure to work with you. At Dry Express Restoration, it is important for us to resolve our clients quickly and efficiently. We strive to always provide the best service possible!It is our pleasure to make certain that … [Read more...]

Amazing San Diego Remediation Company

Amazing San Diego Remediation Company AMAZING SAN DIEGO REMEDIATION COMPANY - "I can't praise this company and it's people enough! I had a leak in the wall of my closet that had been there for awhile undetected. When I realized what was wrong, I was told to call Dry Express by my insurance company. I was frantic and needed help fast! Leo called me back almost immediately and was at my home within a very short time. He was able to remove the drywall and find the pipe. He also was able to give me … [Read more...]