Hallway Flood Cleanup La Mesa

Hallway Flood Cleanup La Mesa HALLWAY FLOOD CLEANUP LA MESA - When customers call for a flood cleanup they have many questions like how do we get the water dried up quickly, will it be safe for me to live in my home after it is cleaned up, how long does it take, how often every day do you have to be in my home, will you work with my schedule for giving you access to the home, etc. We realize that water damage restoration can be a traumatic experience for the occupants in the home and we take … [Read more...]

La Mesa Flood Damage Repair Tips

La Mesa Flood Damage Repair LA MESA FLOOD DAMAGE REPAIR - When a home is flooded it is a traumatic experience.  Questions like how do I get all of this water out of my house?, how do I get my house back to normal?, how quickly will mold grow?, how am I going to pay for this?, how much is this going to cost to repair and how quickly can it be done?, who do I call to take care of this?, is it safe to be in my house for me and my family?  We have the answers to all these questions regarding flood … [Read more...]

Hot Water Heater Flood La Mesa

Hot Water Heater Flood La Mesa HOT WATER HEATER FLOOD LA MESA - Hot water heaters floods are notorious for causing leaks and floods into homes. Fortunately, many are located in garages where the damage can be confined to just that area. Other times they are on a stand in a garage and adjacent to an interior wall that allows the water to seep or flood into the home. And yet other times they are located inside a home or on a second floor. The first step is to get the water shut off to stop … [Read more...]

Carpet Damage Restoration Lemon Grove

Carpet Damage Restoration Lemon Grove Carpet Damage Restoration Lemon Grove - Flooding and soaked wet carpets occur when there is a burst pipe, overflowed sink, burst valve, etc. Most companies will pull the carpet up and remove the pad and “float” the carpet. This process requires labor to remove furniture (and many times either move to a garage, an on-site pod, or off-site storage), pull the carpet up, remove the pad, dry the carpet, replace the pad, move the furniture back in, and repair any … [Read more...]

Wood Rot Water Damage San Diego

As with most homes in the San Diego area, the homes here are prone to water damage. It could be from a leaky pipe, a sudden burst, a sprinkler, a flood from rain, etc that caused water damage. When the water damage occurs without notice or without maintenance when there is a flood, long term water damage and wood rot can occur. When we see wood rot it is due to long term moisture levels. Sometimes it’s from improper construction and other times its from water damage that just sneaks up and … [Read more...]

Carpet Water Damage San Diego | Restoration Soaked Carpet

Carpet Water Damage San Diego CARPET WATER DAMAGE SAN DIEGO - Many homes in the area have carpeting. There are many two story homes as well with carpeting on both floors. When carpet becomes soaked from flooding it is extremely important to dry them out quickly in order to guard against odor, microbial growth, malicious air quality, and damage to the carpeting and pad. We have a process that can save homeowners between 40 and 60% over other companies by safely drying out carpeting and padding … [Read more...]

Lemon Grove Water Damage Cleanup

Lemon Grove Water Damage Are you in Lemon Grove and experiencing water damage? The homes in Lemon Grove tend to be a bit older since the City began not too far from the epicenter. Some homes are newer but of the ones that are many are remodels. This lends to faulty pipes, worn down valves, and ways for water to slowly or quickly creep into a home. Long term water damage almost always is synonymous with mold damage. Mold will grow when conditions are right: consistent elevated moisture levels, … [Read more...]

Broken Shower Leak Clean Up

Broken Shower Leak Clean Up Many homes have stand up showers installed in their bathrooms for taking showers. A leaky shower door causing water damage occurs often in these homes from short and long term water damage. Let us help you with your Broken Shower Leak Clean Up. We have a process to quickly and safely dry out the water damage, clean up the damage associated with it, and rapidly get your life back to normal. The steps for drying out and cleaning up water damage from a leaky shower … [Read more...]

How to Cleanup a Dishwasher Flood

How to Cleanup a Dishwasher Flood The first step to clean up is to shut the machine off and, if needed, turn the water off to the home to stop further flooding. Most homes have a main water shut off. Many are located in garages or near water heaters. If that can’t be located or you are part of a condo, you can also shut the main valve off from the street. It looks like a small rectangular metal cap near the curb, in most cases. The size is similar to a notebook when you are looking down on it. … [Read more...]

Lead-Safe Certified Company – Dry Express Restoration

Why is it important for a company to be lead-safe certified company? It is very important for companies to be lead certified and Dry Express Restoration is proud to have earned this certification! Lead can be very dangerous and cause health problems if not dealt with properly. Houses that are older than 1978 has a very high chance of being lead content and is mandated by state law to be tested. Having a company that is lead certified assures that the handling of this hazardous material will … [Read more...]