Crawlspace Water Removal

If standing water is left under a home for an extended period of time, microbial growth and mold can grow under the home due to increased humidity. Many homes need crawlspace flood cleanup and have crawlspaces or areas of access under their structures. If this happens then a whole avenue of air quality and mold issues can occur inside the home itself. Some home have air intake vents that can directly pump the air into the home. All homes have unseen air passages that allow anywhere from small to … [Read more...]

Low Crawl Space Cleanup Dryout Mid-City

Many homes in San Diego County, CA have low crawlspaces. In other words, the area between the occupied space of the building and the ground beneath it. Many homes in Mid-City and other areas of San Diego have low clearance crawlspaces flood restoration needs. Mid-City, CA is the area in San Diego County located between Interstate 8, State Road 94, Interstate 805, and State Road 125. Basically, the middle of the County. When the clearance is shallow it makes it very difficult to work underneath a … [Read more...]

Kitchen Fire Cleanup Lemon Grove

Lemon Grove, CA is a city in San Diego County located in “East County.” As with many homes in the County, kitchens are particularly susceptible to kitchen fire smoke damage due to the nature of cooking, flames, and fires normally happening when preparing food. There are normally more electrical outlets, appliances, and chances for electrical fires in kitchens. Things such as a faulty electoral outlet, forgetting something on the stove, burnt food or contents in an oven, a malfunctioning … [Read more...]

Drain Line Flood Spring Valley

Spring Valley, CA is a city in the County of San Diego and located in “East County.” As with all homes in San Diego County, homes here are prone to flood damage from broken, burst, or deteriorated drain lines. Sewage line drain water cleanup is needed here. These lines contain sewer water and sewer gases. And with that, many harmful contaminants, bacteria, viruses, etc that can cause a whole host of diseases and infections if they came into contact with humans. We can remove the water damage, … [Read more...]

Leaky Shower Door Dryout

Many homes have stand up showers installed in their bathrooms for taking showers. A leaky shower door causing water damage occurs often in these homes from short and long term water damage. We have a process to quickly and safely dry out the water damage, clean up the damage associated with it, and rapidly get your life back to normal. The steps for drying out and cleaning up water damage from a leaky shower door is as follows: 1. Turn off the water. Many times this means leaving the … [Read more...]

Wood Rot Water Damage

As with most homes in the area, the homes here are prone to water damage. It could be from a leaky pipe, a sudden burst, a sprinkler, a flood from rain, etc that caused water damage. When the water damage occurs without notice or without maintenance when there is a flood, long term water damage and wood rot can occur. When we see wood rot it is due to long term moisture levels. Sometimes it’s from improper construction and other times its from water damage that just sneaks up and cannot be … [Read more...]

Long Term Water Damage Cleanup

The homes in this area tend to be a bit older since the City began not too far from the epicenter. Some homes are newer but of the ones that are many are remodels. This lends to faulty pipes, worn down valves, and ways for water to slowly or quickly creep into a home. Long term water damage almost always is synonymous with mold damage. Mold will grow when conditions are right: consistent elevated moisture levels, mainly warm environment, and mainly stagnant air movement like the interior of … [Read more...]

Soda Blasting Flood Cleanup

If you have had a flooded home that has not been remediated correctly or that a flood was not addressed or that a flood happened that was unknown, many times microbial growth will build up. If this happened under a home, especially, it can go without being seen for a very long time, increasing the amount of microbial growth. Some older homes have air intakes in the crawlspaces which will pump malicious, microbial laden air into the home if not addressed quickly. In some of these cases the use of … [Read more...]

Moisture Meters Used for Water Detection

Many homes here and the rest of the county, when you have a flooded house, it is important to know where the water is coming from so that it can be addressed and dried out quickly. We have a multitude of water detection moisture meters for diagnosing these issues. There are 4 main categories of cameras and moisture detection equipment that we use: 1.  Non penetrating meters. These meters are non-intrusive and do not leave “holes” anywhere. They measure resistance of electricity across two … [Read more...]

Hallway Flood Cleanup

When customers call for a flood cleanup they have many questions like how do we get the water dried up quickly, will it be safe for me to live in my home after it is cleaned up, how long does it take, how often every day do you have to be in my home, will you work with my schedule for giving you access to the home, etc. We realize that water damage restoration can be a traumatic experience for the occupants in the home and we take care from the beginning to easy your worries and calmly walk you … [Read more...]