How To Remove Smoke, Ash, and Odor from Your Home from the Wild Fires

San Diego has seen many wildfires in the past and is no stranger to seeing them again.   Wildfires can affect hundreds of homes and engulfed dozens. The damage is extensive. Some questions and answers are below. Q1: Is fire and smoke and ash damage covered by my insurance. A1: If you have insurance, the answer is almost definitely, yes. Q2: Where can I stay when I cannot live in my house and will my insurance pay to have me stay in a hotel? A2: There are several shelters setup for … [Read more...]

Lemon Grove Fire Restoration

Fires commonly occur all over San Diego County! But today, we're going to talk about fires occurring in the city of Lemon Grove. Lemon Grove, CA is a city in San Diego County located in “East County.” As with many homes in the County, kitchens are particularly susceptible to kitchen fire smoke damage due to the nature of cooking, flames, and fires normally happening when preparing food. There are normally more electrical outlets, appliances, and chances for electrical fires in kitchens. … [Read more...]

When and How Do I Get My Home Cleaned from the San Diego Fires

We work with all insurance carriers. Because it is the prime weather and time of year for San Diego Fires, it is super important to be cautious and in preparation mode..  Cal Fire has updates on the conditions and if any fires begin.  Many home owners want to know “is getting smoke and ash and fire damage cleaned up and removed from my home covered by my insurance”? They also want to know “how do I get a company to clean my home from fire damage and work with my insurance company”? Follow our … [Read more...]

Prepare for San Diego Fires

Prepare for San Diego Fires It's Santa Ana season, and with the dry conditions and fires, San Diego County inhabitants need to be ready and have an emergency plan for escape, shelter, insurance, etc. It is also important to have a plan for the aftermath of the fire and how you will restore is to make sure your home is back to its original condition ASAP. Q1: Is fire and smoke and ash damage covered by my insurance. A1: If you have insurance, the answer is almost definitely, yes. Q2: … [Read more...]

San Diego Water Bed Damage

San Diego Water Bed Damage Water beds are great! However, when a water bed bursts, it can be a huge debacle involving, wet carpets, wet drywall, flooded flooring, etc. It is very important to clean a water bed flood properly, as the chemicals inside of water beds can be harmful to anyone in the home if it is not cleaned up and dried out quickly! When a home has a flood due to a water bed burst that causes wet carpets, wet drywall, flooded flooring, etc, it needs to be cleaned up correctly. … [Read more...]

Sewage Clean Up San Diego

Sewage Clean Up San Diego Is your drain line broken? Is your sewer backed up? Is your toilet overflowing? Is a drain seeping into your basement or crawlspace? If any of these situations apply to you, you need local San Diego sewage clean up. What health illnesses and damage to your home will happen if your home does NOT get cleaned properly? What are the steps for cleaning sewage? We outline below the steps. Health problems and illnesses can arise if your sewage is not properly cleaned … [Read more...]

Preventing San Diego Kitchen Fires

Preventing San Diego Kitchen Fires A San Diego kitchen fire is a home disaster that is often very preventable; however, if you experience a kitchen fire, it is still tragic. It only takes a few fairly simple, preventative measures to avoid a kitchen fire and any associated fire damage. 1. Install a smoke detector and check it regularly A smoke detector offers the first signal that there is a problem in the home. While the detector does not have to be in the kitchen (and should not be to avoid … [Read more...]

Rainwater Damage Insurance Claim

  What is a covered insurance claim loss with rainwater damage removal? How is it cleaned up? How is the water damage removed correctly? What are the steps? Guard against increasing your homeowners insurance rates. Here are the best steps to assess and remove the flood damage and ensure that you are not “dinged” by trying to file a claim that may not be covered: Turn off the electricity to the affected room or at least remove any electrical items near the water. Call our office … [Read more...]

Removing Mold in a Tenant Occupied Building

  The relationship with landlord and tenant has many challenges. Each side has a large amount of responsibilities which results in a huge amount of liability. What happens when there is mold found in a tenant occupied building, home, or apartment? Who is responsible for the damages? What legal responsibilities does the landlord have to remove the mold in a timely manner? How do landlords protect themselves and their rental property? How is the mold removed correctly to … [Read more...]

EPA Lead Paint Removal FAQ

The EPA regulates the certification of lead abatement contractors for lead-based paint practices during renovations, repair, and painting. This program is different than obtaining a license for full lead abatement which, for contractors in California, the certification and licensing is done through the California Department of Public Health, is mandated by the California Code of Regulations mainly under Title 8 and Title 10, and are outlined by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development … [Read more...]