Remove Bad Odor from Flooded Carpet & Drywall

The cause of bad odor from flooded carpet and drywall is just that: wetness from the flood. Over a short period of time microbial activity increases and they release odors associated with their life processes. If addressed quickly, the odor is just that: odor and not harmful.

To remove the odor the standing water and trapped water in all components that are porous need to be dried. Carpet with bad odor, drywall with bad odor, and padding with bad odor are notorious for soaking up water and not releasing it, allowing for odor buildup. Bad odors in houses from areas in San Diego as far north as Carlsbad & Oceanside, as far South as Imperial Beach & Chula Vista, as far West as Encinitas, Solana Beach, La Jolla, Pacific Beach, Ocean Beach, & Rancho Santa Fe and as far East as El Cajon, La Mesa, Escondido and beyond is our coverage area. Simply “sucking up” or “wringing out” porous materials will not remove the water and hence this is a large reason why the odor will still persist. The environment (i.e. inside of the house) needs to be brought to a lower humidity level (i.e. dry air) as to allow and insist the water in the porous components (i.e. carpet, drywall, pad, etc) to be released.

We use a process that the large franchises like Service Master and Servpro do not use. Additionally, we ensure a high standard of customer service by standardizing our processes by adding in things like assigning one contact for all customers, touching base with all customers daily, and training all technicians in the same manner. The equipment that is needed are water extraction tools like a weighted extractor, dehumidifiers to dry the air that will get more and more humid proportional to the moisture level in the porous materials, air movers to expedite the drying process and ensure proper drying, moisture meters to check the moisture content of the carpet and drywall with bad odor to ensure the moisture levels are dwindling with time, and odor control machines as needed such as HEPA airscrubbers, vapor sharks, and vapor membranes.

The process continues as follows:

  • Extract the water
  • Open the areas where water is trapped to allow it to escape
  • Setup the appropriate drying equipment to dry the area
  • Measure the moisture levels daily and move equipment as needed to ensure proper drying
  • Add additional items as needed for odor control such as HEPA airscrubbers, vapor sharks, & other odor / containment removers
  • Remove equipment when the drying process is complete
  • Clean the carpet and evaluate as needed for any additional items

Bad odor removal from flooded carpet and drywall is a iterative process to ensure proper drying. No job is exactly the same but the items needed for proper drying have a general tendency. Call us today! 619.597.2003 for an assessment . We cover all of San Diego County and are open 24/7 for emergency services.

Below are a few photos from the video:


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