How to Cleanup, Dry Out, and Sanitize a Flood from a Water Main Break or Flash Rain Flood

There are many buildings near drainage infrastructure that is not sufficient to drain water when strong rains occur, causing flooding to buildings and businesses. Additionally, the supply and drainage lines in this part of the County are much older than many parts of the County and are therefore prone to breaking, flooding the streets, and consequently flooding buildings and businesses.

Here are the steps to cleanup, dry out, and sanitize a flood from rainwater or a water main break:water main and rainwater flood midway and point loma ca remediation cleanup dryout

1.  Shut off the water if possible or direct as much as possible away from the building (i.e. sand bags, closed doors, etc)

2.  CALL US IMMEDIATELY for emergency services at 619.597.2003 we can take care of all the work for you. We can be on-site in less than an hour 24/7/365.

3.  Turn of the electricity to all affected areas. Check your circuit breaker box.

4.  Protect contents. We will block, move, and/or packout contents as needed to protect them from the flooding.

5.  Extract the standing water. We use industrial water extractors to remove excess water.

6.  Sanitize the affected areas with a surfactant and antimicrobial agent.

7.  Check paint, drywall, flooring, and all materials that may be removed for lead and asbestos via a testing lab.

8.  Remove any porous, non-structural materials from the building (i.e. drywall, carpeting, padding, etc).

9.  Check the moisture content of all affected areas with a combination of penetrating, non-penetrating, and infrared cameras to establish a baseline and moisture content to bring all areas back to normal levels.

10.  Establish a balanced drying system by sizing and placing proper drying equipment such as airmovers, dehumidifiers, desiccants, injection driers, heaters, etc.

11.  Setup containment and airscrubbers to stop cross contamination into other parts of the building. The water will be deemed Category 3 Black Water since it is coming from outside the building and the level of contaminants in it can range from bacterial to viral to chemical.

12.  Check equipment and move as needed daily to ensure proper and rapid drying.

13.  Address the issue that caused the flood. There are several things that can be done to a building to guard it against flooding that is separate than the flood or water main break. We can offer suggestions.

14.  Rebuild and areas of the building that needed to be removed during the remediation.

15.  Reset the contents that may have been moved during the restoration dryout process for the flood.

Give us a call 24/7/365 for emergency water restoration flood dryout needs at 619.597.2003.

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