How to Cleanup a Flood from a Hot Water Heater

Hot water heaters floods are notorious for causing leaks and floods into homes. Fortunately, many are located in garages where the damage can be confined to just that area. Other times they are on a stand in a garage and adjacent to an interior wall that allows the water to seep or flood into the home. And yet other times they are located inside a home or on a second floor.

flood damage hot water heater burst

The first step is to get the water shut off to stop further damage and flooding to the home. In Carlsbad, CA the main shut off valve is many times located in the garage, near the hot water heater, and/or at the curb where the city has their main shut off for the building. Get this shut of ASAP. We can also do this for you, just give us a call. In extreme cases a plumber will be needed to get the water shut off or in the case of an apartment complex or condo complex we may need to reach the building manager and/or property manager to locate the sometimes difficultly located main shut off valve.

The next step is to determine quickly the extent of the water damage Carlsbad, CA. Think not just standing water but water that seeped into the home, into the wall cavities, under the house, flooded into an adjacent wall’s room, moved along a wall line into an even more adjacent room, wet carpet, soaked cabinets, wet furniture, etc. Give us a call and we can assess this for you with professional moisture meters, infrared cameras, and a knowledge base of past similar type damaged homes.

Then the main flooding needs to be extracted. In the case of hard surfaces this can be done with a flood pumper and wand attachment that screeds the water off the surface. In the case of porous flooring material like carpeting we would use a weighted extractor and rover that removed water from not just the surface but also the padding underneath. In the case of a crawlspace we would use a flood pumper and hose attachment to get the majority of the water out.

Then the drying process needs to happen immediately. This would be done with the correct combination of air movement (to expedite the release of moisture from the wet contents like drywall, wood, cabinetry, carpeting, furniture, soil, concrete, etc), dehumidification (desiccants, dehumidifiers, etc), temperature (dehumidifying in general will be expedited with an increase in temperature), and time (the longer the wet areas are exposed to dry air, the drier things will get).

We have specialized equipment that can save you thousands of dollars over other companies for drying your property from a hot water heater flood over other companies. Examples where we can save you 40-60% on dryout or repair work over other companies are:

1.  Drywall – we can injection dry drywall by inserting tubes below the baseboard line after removing the baseboards which will save thousands of dollars of unnecessary drywall repair

2.  Cabinets – we can injection drying cabinetry the same way or shore the countertops up and save the expensive faces for later resetting

3.  Carpets – we can remove the water from the carpet and pad at the same time with our weighted extractor rovers, saving you the need to remove and replace the pad as well as no need to move the furniture when we use our furniture blocking system

4.  Hardwood floors – we have machines that use a matt system for sucking water through the cracks between wood planks, saving them, and saving you thousands of dollars in unneeded replacement

There are many other areas where we can save you money, just give us a call at 619.597.2003 if you have a flood from a hot water heater. We are available 24/7 for emergency services and our services include water, fire, and mold remediation and associated reconstruction.


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