Condo Bathroom Ceiling Flood

When you own a condo and have a neighbor cause a flood to your ceiling bathroom ceilingceiling drywall flood, the process can be frustrating to get it cleaned up and dried out quickly. We have a process to streamline the steps and get your home back to normal very quickly.

Here are the steps on how to deal with, clean up, and dry out a flooded condominium bathroom ceiling due to an upstairs neighbor:

1.  Turn off the water immediately. Sometimes this means knocking on your upstairs neighbor, other times it means reaching the building maintenance person.

2.  Call us immediately at 619.597.2003. Our technicians are available 24/365 for emergency services to clean up and dry out the flooded drywall.

3.  We will assess where the water is coming from. This is important to determine the extent of the water damage.

4.  Determine the extent of the flood. We will use a combination of moisture meters, infrared cameras, and “see” cameras to determine how much of your condo or home was flooded from the water.

5.  Determine the cause of the flood. We can assess what caused the flood so that after the dryout is done it can be fixed. The most important thing after getting the water leak or flood stopped is to dry it out and sanitize it so that the leak can be safely fix afterwards.

6.  Extract the standing water. We have several choices of industrial water extractors to use, depending on the scope.

7.  Determine which building materials can be “saved” and which need, if any, need to be “removed.” Most condos and home have drywall in their interior. If it is a clean water source that caused the flood, we can dry this in-place, many times. On the other end of the spectrum, if the water source was from a sewer line, all porous, non-structural areas should be removed. We will assess this and proceed correctly.

8.  Set up drying equipment. We will size a combination of dehumidifiers, desiccants, airmovers, heaters, water extractors, and/or injection driers to dry the areas out quickly. We can save you thousands of dollars by using state of the art equipment since the areas will be dried out quicker and more effectively than other standard methods.

9.  Check moisture levels daily and update you daily. Our technician(s) will return daily to ensure proper drying, check moisture, and move equipment as needed to expedite the drying. We will also help you feel comfortable all along the way and make sure you are updated at least once daily.

10.  Remove equipment when the drying is complete.

11.  Sanitize the area by using a surfactant and antimicrobial, as applicable, depending on the type of water burst.

12.  Repair the issue that caused the leak.

13.  Reconstruct the areas that may need to have been removed during emergency restoration.

If you have a flooded condo that shows a wet ceiling, give us a call at 619.597.2003 immediately for emergency services. We can walk you through all the steps, dry your property out quickly, sanitize the affected areas, and get your life back to normal, all while saving you money over other companies.

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