Low Crawl Space Cleanup Dryout Mid-City

Many homes in San Diego County, CA have low crawlspaces. In other words, the area between the occupied space of the building and the ground beneath it. Many homes in Mid-City and other areas of San Diego have low clearance crawlspaces flood restorationcrawlspace dryout restoration mid-city needs. Mid-City, CA is the area in San Diego County located between Interstate 8, State Road 94, Interstate 805, and State Road 125. Basically, the middle of the County. When the clearance is shallow it makes it very difficult to work underneath a home when it needs to be dried out. We have a process, know how, and equipment to dry these out correctly, quickly, and effectively…..getting your home and life back to normal fast.

How do you clean up a flood in a low clearance crawlspace? Here are the steps to remove and dry out a low clearance crawlspace:

1. Turn off the water.

2. Give us a call immediately at 619.597.2003 for emergency service 24/7/365.

3. Setup needed air exchange and cleaning with HEPA air scrubbers. The confined space nature of crawlspaces mixed with the potential contaminated air will necessitate whoever enters the crawlspace to have proper ventilation. We will size this with our equipment and ensure proper ventilation.

4. Use personal protective equipment and HEPA masks. All personnel going under the home we will ensure have proper protection from the elements and potential hazards.

5. Water extraction. We will remove any standing water after evaluating it source (clean water, grey water, sewage water). We are certified to remove all Categories of water damage.

6. Remove excess contaminated soil. The top level of soil may need to be removed if it is a sewage water scenario.

7. Addition of absorbent to neutralize the remaining soil. We will apply an antimicrobial, cleaner, and absorber to the soil for neutralization.

8. Clean all affected surfaces. This includes joists, ceiling / floor material, walls, etc.

7. Evaluate issues with cross contamination and air intake. We will evaluate where water damage has gone to and address all the issues.

9. Take baseline moisture levels. We will take record of moisture levels so that we can ensure proper drying during the drying phase time-frame.

10. Set up a balanced drying system. We will add the needed dehumidifiers, air movers, desiccants, injection driers, HEPA air scrubbers, heat driers, etc for proper drying.

11. Monitor drying daily until a normal moisture level is reached for all affected areas.

12. Remove equipment once normal moisture levels are met.

13. Address the issue that caused the flood or water damage. This is sometimes addressed at the beginning, sometimes during the remediation, but many times at the end due to the hazard of regular workers (i.e. plumbers, drainage repair workers, etc) being in the area before cleaning and remediation is complete. Additionally, the source of the issue many times isn’t seen until remediation is complete when proper removal of any needed areas is done.

14. Repair any areas of the building that needed to be removed for proper remediation dry out.

If you have a low clearance crawlspace with a flood in Mid-City or any other area of San Diego County, CA, give us a call immediately for 24/7/365 emergency restoration. We can have a technician on-site in most areas of the County with an hour or less We can be reached at 619.597.2003. We will walk you through the needed steps, give you an estimate before starting, and get your building and life back to normal fast.

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