Crawl Space Flood

Many homes have crawlspaces or areas under the buildings. When there is a pipe burst, flooded toilet, drain line burst, sprinkler head flood, etc under the a home or building causing a crawlspace floodcrawlspace flood cleanup, many times it goes days or weeks without being noticed. The issue with having standing or polluted water under a home is that it increases the humidity under the home drastically and can cause microbial growth under the home that can seep into the home. We have also seen the humidity be so high (as in the case of a hot water supply line break) that the moisture goes up into all the cracks in the floor below and into the walls above. We have a process to eliminate the water, sanitize the area, and make sure the area below the home is safe for the occupants above.

The steps to remove water and sanitize a flooded crawl space are as follows:

1.  Turn off the water. Always a good idea.

2.  Call us at 619.597.2003 immediately.

3.  Remove the water. This water is black, category 3 water. Even if it is from a clean water supply, once it hits the ground all the restoration standards note that it is now basically sewage water and should be treated as so. Think of all the contaminants, chemicals, animal refuse, etc that can be in the soil below a home.

4.  Take moisture readings of all affected areas and determine the extent of the moisture movement.

5.  Inspect all materials for potential microbial growth and determine a plan of action for remediation.

6.  Assuming we are on-site quickly and no microbial growth is present (if there were we would take a different approach), do some combination of closing off areas under the home and opening others to maximize drying quickness.

7. Sanitize all affected areas with a combination of an absorbent, surfactant, and/or antimicrobial.

8.  Set up a balanced drying system. We have desiccant dehumidifiers that far surpass regular refrigerant and coil dehumidifiers. They get cooler areas such as crawlspaces much more dry much more quickly, saving your money. We also have other equipment that may be used depending on the situation such as HEPA air scrubbers, air movers, heaters, injection driers, duct driers, etc.

9.  Check all affected materials daily to ensure proper drying.

10.  Remove the equipment when all affected materials get back to the baseline moisture level or less.

11.  Address the issue causing the flood.

If you have a crawlspace flood, call us immediately at 619.597.2003 where we can save you money over other companies by using state of the art equipment that will get your home back to normal much quicker.

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