Crawlspace Water Removal

If standing water is left under a home for an extended period of time, microbial growth and mold can grow under the home due to increased humidity. Many homes need crawlspace flood cleanupflooded crawlspace cleanup and have crawlspaces or areas of access under their structures. If this happens then a whole avenue of air quality and mold issues can occur inside the home itself. Some home have air intake vents that can directly pump the air into the home. All homes have unseen air passages that allow anywhere from small to large amounts of air to pass from beneath the home. In addition to air quality and occupant health issues, standing water and increased humidity under a home can cause house settlement issues, deterioration of wood members, corrosion of metal members, and safety issues.

Steps on How to Remove Harmful Water or Sewage Under a Home

1. Shut off the water.
2. Call us immediately at 619.597.2003. We have technicians available 24/7 and can be on-site in less than 1 to 2 hours in most areas.
3. Test areas for wetness.
4. Assess the source of the water.
5. Set up air quality filtration
6. Set up engineering controls.
7. Remove the standing water.
8. Evaluate removing the upper layer of soil.
9. Evaluate the need to sanitize the upper soil area.
10. Evaluate the need to HEPA vacuum all affected surfaces.
11. Evaluate the need to clean all affected surfaces with a surfactant.
12. Evaluate the need to sanitize all affected surfaces.
13. Dry all areas with dehumidification and air movement.
14. Monitor the drying process daily until a dry condition is achieved.
15. Adjust drying and air cleaning equipment daily to ensure proper drying.
16. Remove equipment once the drying, cleaning, and restoration process is complete.
17. Assess the prevention of further flooding and crawlspace flood restoration.

If you have a flood or water damage under your home, in a crawlspace, or in a basement, give us a call immediately at 619.597.2003 for 24/7 emergency service and assessment. We will send a technician to evaluate the damage, discuss your options, and start immediately upon your approval. We work directly will all insurance carriers and will ensure your comfort, safely, and stability of your home or business.

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