How to Detect Water Moisture in a House

This video overviews the use of different water moisture detection meters that we use for finding, locating, and removing moisture & harmful contaminants from homes. Some example areas that can be detected with these meters but may not be seen by the naked-eye are:

  • Wet ceiling drywall / insulation
  • Soaked carpet
  • Slowly moving water under walls and partitions
  • Crawlspace flooding and high humidity
  • Water behind walls and ceilings
  • Source of water intrusion from a pipe or exterior source
  • How far water has traveled after a toilet or bathtub or sink or washing machine or water tank overflow
  • Source of bad odor originating from high moisture levels
  • Wet cabinets
  • Wet wood or tile or laminate flooring

The meters that are over-viewed in the video are as follows:

  • Hydrosensor
  • Non-penetrating meter
  • Penetrating meter
  • Hygrometer air moisture & temperature detector
  • “See-Snake” camera moisture detector
  • Thermal imaging camera

We use a combination of these to detect water and moisture in homes to ensure we are properly removing all water, moisture, and harmful contaminants.

One way we set ourselves apart is having the most up-to-date and state-of-the-science moisture meters, equipment, and training. All our technicians are trained in our in-house training facility the same way as all others are so that the process is as similar as possible for each job. Other companies such as Service Master, Servpro, and the other large franchises simply cannot state that because we have developed very specific processes that we implement across our entire employee base. We treat the customers as we would treat our friends and family as well as tailor the process to their specific needs.


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