Drain Line Flood Spring Valley

Spring Valley, CA is a city in the County of San Diego and located in “East County.” As with all homes in San Diego County, homes here are prone to flood damage from broken, burst, or deteriorated drain lines. Sewage line drain water cleanupdrain line sewage flood spring valley is needed here. These lines contain sewer water and sewer gases. And with that, many harmful contaminants, bacteria, viruses, etc that can cause a whole host of diseases and infections if they came into contact with humans. We can remove the water damage, sanitize the area, dry the areas out, coordinate having the issue fixed, and rebuild anything needed.

How do you clean up flood damage from a drain line flood? Here are the steps:

1. Turn the water source off if possible. This many times means stop flushing toilets or telling next door or upstairs neighbors to stop flushing toilets.

2. Call us immediately at 619.597.2003 so that we can stop further damage to the home.

3. We will evaluate the damage, walk you through the process, and answer all your questions so that you feel comfortable. We will give you an estimate for the work before starting.

4. Contain the air and area around the source. Not just he liquid touching materials but also the air can contain contaminents so it is importan to contain the air from the rest of the building.

5. Set up HEPA and carbon filters to cleans the air and make it safe for workers to remediate and dry out the area.

6. Ensure all workers are wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (gloves, HEPA masks, goggles, Tyvek suites, water tight boots, etc). This will ensure that the workers are not harmed by the contamination.

6. Remove any excess standing water with high pressure vacuums and keep the liquid contained.

7. Clean the area where the water damage was with a surfactant and antimicrobial.

8. Dry the area out with the use of dehumidifiers, air movers, air scrubbers, desiccants, heat driers, etc as needed and per what is needed.

9. Adhere to all standards for remediation Category 3 (black water).

10. Check moisture levels daily to ensure proper drying and remove equipment when done.

11. Clean the area again with a surfactant and antimicrobial.

12. Have the air and surfaces checked for cleanliness. Sometimes this means a 3rd party clearance air test and other times it means moisture logs and swab samples. We can coordinate the tests as needed.

13. Address the issue that caused the flood if it has not already been address but make sure it will not occur again during the remediation process nor afterwards.

14. Rebuild any areas needed to be rebuilt.

If you live in Spring Valley, CA or any other area of San Diego County and have a flood from a broken or burst drain line, give us a call at 619.597.2003 for emergency service 24/7/365. We can save you home and get your life back to normal fast, safe, and courteously.

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