How to Dryout & Reconstruct a Flooded 3-Story Building

In this video we show you an example of a 3 story building that we dried, what equipment we used, how much wood flooring was removed, how the drywall was removed to allow proper drying, and how much insulation was cut out. The steps show are the following:

(1) Overview of Building Exterior
(2) Cause of Water Damage
(3) Drying Equipment
(4) Moisture Meters
(5) Drywall Removed for Drying
(6) Reconstruction

Wet drywall, wet insulation, wet wood flooring, and wet ceiling joists were all dried. We were able to completely dry all components of the building while minimizing damage to the property, all very quickly. The cause of the flooded home was a faulty shower valve in the 3rd floor master shower. Things that we do differently than Servpro, Service Master, and other restoration contractors like minimizing damage, expediting the drying process, reducing the costs, and eliminating frustration to the building owner. We do this by using our detailed systems for drying while using state-of-the-science techniques for drying that other companies do not use. Once the flooded house was dried we replaced all the insulation, drywall, texturing, and painting. The video overviews a how to on flood restoration, replacing wet drywall / sheetrock, drying and replacing wood flooring, and how to scientifically dry a building using specialized equipment, moisture meters, knowledge, and experience. At Dry Express Restoration we are San Diego’s choice for you drying needs. Call us today! 619.597.2003 for quick and courteous service 24/7.

Below are a few photos of the process.



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