I Had a Flood But I Didn't See The Damage for a Long Time, How Do I Clean It Up?

s with most homeowners sometimes a flood is not noticed quickly.  In these cases it is very important to know the potential hazards associated with long standing water (over a few days) and how to clean it up to not make the area inside the home harmful for the occupants.

Is long term water damage long term water damage detection and cleanup dryoutcovered by insurance?  We can assist with answering the question without bringing red flags to your insurance company.  Call us at 619.597.2003 to schedule and apoointment 24/7 for emerrgency service and investigation.  The answer is maybe and it depends on things like the source of the water damage, how long it has been standing, if it was noticed when the water damage occured or just now, how your policy applies to your situation, etc.
Here are the steps to clean up long term water damage:
1.  Turn off the water.
2.  Give us a call immediately to schedule a technician 24/7 for emergency service at 619.597.2003.
3.  Shut off the electicity to all affected areas.
4.  Block, pad, or move furniture in the affected area in order to keep it from further damage.
5.  Investigate where the water damage came from.
6.  Categorize the type of water loss (CAT 1, 2 or 3) and type of water loss (trapped water, surface, etc).
7.  Setup containment to keep the air quality safe and non transferred to the rest of the building.
8.  Setup HEPA airscrubbing equipment to cleans the air.
9.  Remove standing water with vacuums and extractors.
10.  Remove areas of non structural materials that were affected by the water in order to clean effectively.
11.  Clean all surfaces with a surfactant and antimicrobial.
12.  Set up drying equipment to produce a balanced drying system.
13.  Check moisture levels daily to bring the levels back to the established standard dry condition.
14.  Address the issue causing the flood.
15.  Rebuild any items that were removed to properly remediate the home.

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