Flooded Carpet Dryout

Many homes in the area have carpeting. There are many two story homes as well with carpeting on both floors. When carpet becomes soaked from flooding it is extremely important to dry them out quickly in order to guard against odor, microbial growth, malicious air quality, and damage to the carpeting and pad.wet carpet drying university heights We have a process that can save homeowners between 40 and 60% over other companies by safely drying out carpeting and padding without needing to remove it, pull it up, nor move furniture off-site.

The steps involved with safely saving and drying out soaked wet carpet is as follows:

1.  Turn the water off.

2.  Call us ASAP at 619.597.2003. We are available 24/7 for emergency services and can have a technician dispatched immediately. Our technicians can take care of the process.

3.  Turn off electricity to the affected rooms. Electric shock is one thing that must be guarded against.

4.  Determine the type of water loss (Category 1, 2, or 3). Proceed correctly using standards such as IICRC, EPA, and the NY Standard, as applicable. We will assume the following steps are for a clean water loss (Category 1).

5.  Check moisture readings to determine how far the water traveled.

6.  Remove the excess water with a weighted extractor that will suck more than 85% of the water through the carpet and padding.

7.  Block and/or pad furniture to guard them against bleeding into the carpet and damage to their materials.

8.  Set up a balanced drying system with a combination of dehumidifiers, airmovers, desiccants, heating elements, injection driers, etc.

9.  Check moisture levels daily to ensure proper and quick drying.

10.  Remove the equipment when the moisture levels of all areas are back to the dry standard level.

Our process saves 40-60% because of not needing to do items such as move furniture, pull carpeting up, remove padding, replace padding, reset carpeting, and reset furniture. We are available 24/7 for emergency services and cover all of San Diego County. Call us at 619.597.2003.

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