Flooded Building: Drying While Saving Flooded Carpet & Drywall

In this video and associated photos you will see how to dryout a flooded building with a flooded carpet odor without removing the carpeting and drywall. We overview the equipment used, the type of moisture meters used, the minor repairs done for the drywall & texturing & baseboard, and the carpet cleaning. We do work much differently than the large, non-personal, non-customer service oriented franchises like Service Master and Servpro.

First of all, we start with removing the water from the flooded carpet. Removal of bad odor from carpeting starts with removing the water. We have a specialized process and machine for removing the water from carpet and padding WITHOUT removing or lifting it up. This process alone can save over 40% on cost compared to the standard process most companies use for water extraction from carpets; they will “lift” the carpet, remove the padding, and “float” the carpet by passing air underneath. Their process s requires replacing the padding and adds large costs due to needing to remove furniture off the carpet, removing the padding, cost to replace the padding, resetting and stretching the carpet, and moving the furniture back in-place. Our process removes the need for this by using a state of the science technology process. For bad odor removal of carpeting the process is essential and simply lifting the carpeting will not remove the odors.

In the next step, we remove the baseboards and cut small holes below the baseboard line to allow air movement to enter into the wall and remove the excess moisture. Flooded carpet odor removal and flooded drywall odor removal starts with this process as well. We ensure that all the water and moisture and humidity is removed by checking the moisture levels of all materials and the air daily. With this process we see that in fact the moisture levels are coming down and it also gives us indicators of how to adjust the equipment and processes to dry the building more quickly. Some of the specialty water removal equipment we used was a weighted extractor for removing water from carpeting, low grain dehumidifiers for drying out flooded homes, directional air movers for expediting fast drying of flooded houses, injection driers for dryout out wet drywall and for wet drywall moisture removal, and generators for providing electricity high enough to expedite the dryout while using a variety of needed equipment. After the building was quickly dried we also completed the minor drywall repair, retexturing, painting, and baseboard replacement. The final step is always the cleaning phase so after all else was completed we finished by cleaning the carpets with our steam cleaners.

Our coverage area is all of San Diego County including Carlsbad flooded house dryout, Encinitas flood repair, Del Mar wet drywall drying, Solana Beach emergency flood repair and drying, Rancho Sante Fe and Rancho Penesquitos flood drying, flooded home Pacific Beach (PB), overflowed toilet and bathtubs Ocean Beach (OB), rental house Mission Beach (MB) flood repair, Downtown San Diego highrise wet ceiling water extraction, Hillcrest flooded home emergency flood drying, Imperial Beach flood repair, El Cajon wet crawlspace dryout, sewage cleanup La Mesa, and all areas and associated water dryout needs in-between.

We are available 24/7 for emergency services and can be anywhere in San Diego County within 1 to 2 hours or less. Call us today! 619.597.2003 for an assessment.

Below are a few photos from the jobsite / video:


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