Hallway Flood Cleanup La Mesa

Hallway Flood Cleanup La Mesa

HALLWAY FLOOD CLEANUP LA MESA – When customers call for a flood cleanup they have many questions like how do we get the water dried up quickly, will it be safe for me to live in my home after it is cleaned up, how long does it take, how often every day do you have to be in my home, will you work with my schedule for giving you access to the home, etc. We realize that water damage restoration can be a traumatic experience for the occupants in the home and we take care from the beginning to easy your worries and calmly walk you through the process. Our technicians are trained in water damage restoration techniques to get your home back to normal quickly, calmly, and will as little intrusion as possible.

Here are the steps we will take to dry out a flooded hallwayflooded hallway dryout:

1. Turn off the water.

2. Call us immediately at 619.597.2003. It is important that we are on-site ASAP to help minimize further damage to your home.

3. Walk you through the steps of the dry out process and answer all your questions. We will make sure you are comfortable with the process as much as possible and answer any questions you may have before moving forward.

4. Turn off the electricity to the affected rooms.

5. Assess what type of water damage the water is (Category 1, 2, or 3).

6. Assess the class type of the water damage (bound water, free water, etc).

7. Assess the extent of the water damage. We will determine where the water has flowed to your home using a combination of moisture meters, infrared cameras, and see cameras.

8. Remove the excess standing water. We use industrial extractors to remove the water.

9. ”Open” up areas of the home that need to be dried out. We have several processes that “open up” drywall, flooring, carpeting, cabinetry, etc that can save you thousands of dollars and days less of work in your home over other companies. We will choose the process that is the best for you and discuss the process.

10. Set up drying equipment and size them correctly. We will determine that size needed based on your specific circumstances and the needed equipment. This in itself can save days worth of drying.

11. Check the moisture levels daily.

12. Once all areas of brought back to the normal dry condition, remove the equipment.

13. Clean and sanitize all affected areas.

14. Address the cause of the flood and make any needed repairs.

15. Reconstruct -any areas that were needed to be removed during the emergency restoration.

If you have a flooded hallway, give us a call immediately at 619.597.2003 for emergency dryout services. We can have a technician on-site normally in 1 hour or less and will calmly walk you through the process for getting you home and life back to normal quickly.

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