House Fires: The Most Common Causes and Circumstances.

One of the most unfortunate events that can happen to a family. House fires can destroy personal belongings, leave families homeless, and can cost thousands of dollars. They can be avoided if you make yourself and your family aware of what causes house fires and how they can be avoided.



Most house fires actually start in the kitchen, as that is where many flammable appliances are. You have everything from the oven to the stove, and even smaller appliances like microwaves. Kitchen appliance fires account for 43 percent of all home fires that occur, and result in 17 percent of all deaths that occur as the result of a fire. They are commonly started by a appliance that is left on or has an electrical malfunction. To avoid these problems, start by placing a fire detector in your kitchen. You should also ensure that appliances are always turned off, and need to replace any old appliances that could potentially lead to a fire. If a device is malfunctioning or creates sparks, do not use it.

Heating Equipment

Halogen-Home-Heater-NSB-L120A-It comes as no surprise that heating equipment is the second highest cause of house fires. However, only a mere 16 percent of fires are caused by this type of equipment. They are usually created by an electrical issue that results in the equipment malfunctioning and bursting up in flames. Fix this issue by keeping all of your equipment maintained and checked up on.

Other Causes

After that, each cause gets pretty slim. They go, in order, as follows:

  • Intentional accounts for eight percent.
  • Lighting accounts for six percent.
  • Despite smoking causing only five percent of all house fires, it accumulates for 22 percent of all house fire deaths.
  • Washers and dryers account for four percent.

fire restoration

Fire Damage Restoration

If it’s too late and you have already experienced fire damage within your home, your only option is to find a professional that can work to restore your valuable possessions. You can seek such services at Dry Express San Diego.

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