How to board up your home after fire damage

Fire damage to a home / business many times results in windows or doors damaged to the point where they no longer function.  Sometimes this is because of the fire department’s efforts putting out the flames.  Other times it’s from the fire itself.  After the fire has been put out it is important to secure the property from intrusion, theft, etc.  The process we do to secure / board-upboard up window fire damage a property after damage is as follows:

1.  Arrival at property with customer after or during the fire suppression

2. Use of plywood, 2×4’s, etc to secure the broken  windows and / or doors

3. Use use of interior clamps to secure the plywood from the inside so that someone from the outside cannot simply unscrew the material to enter the building.  This adds more protection.

Call us today! 619.597.2003 for an assessment as soon as you have a fire.  We can do an assessment and protect the home further with things such as adding lubricants to metals to prevent pitting, apply cleaners to windows, mirrors, and glass to prevent etching, and conduct full remediation including cleaning of contents and structure and / or demo and odor neutralization.

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