How to Handle Fire Damage Insurance Claims

Handling fire damage insurance claimsfire damage insurance claim process should start before a potential fire happens. Your insurance policy, photos, content list, receipts and video should be stored off site to ensure they remain safe. If you have a security system with a home security camera online viewing feature then check the footage to see if there was anyone to blame for the fire. Be knowledgeable about your insurance policy coverage such as living expenses if your home is uninhabitable. Know how the insurance will figure the content replacement cost. One method is the actual cost of the items after depreciation is applied and another is the actual amount of money it will cost to replace them.

A fire is an emotional ordeal for people. In the worst-case scenario, they have no home, no contents and lose personal items that are irreplaceable. Emotions may run high for months, but when you deal with your insurance company make every effort to put the emotions aside. There are several basic steps to follow for any type of fire damage incurred. Document the details of the fire and notify your insurance immediately.

Be prepared to report the date of the fire, type of loss incurred, location of damage, any injuries, content descriptions, and emergency repairs done. Obtain a copy of the police report, take pictures or video, list contents affected and the fire damage of the structure. Document every contact made from the point of the fire until the claim is settled. Most insurance companies require that you give a sworn statement detailing the events and the fire damage sustained.

Do not do anything but emergency repairs until you have notified your insurance company and an adjuster assesses the fire damage. An emergency repair is repairs that prevent further damage to your home or contents. Call in and get an estimate from us, fire damage restoration professionals and have us come to clean up the damage. Fire restoration companies, like DryExpress Restoration have specialized training and experience when fire damage occurs and some policies pay for their services.

San Diego DryExpress Restoration are fire damage restoration experts who know what is salvageable, what are a total loss and the safest way to clean up dangerous fire residues and structural hazards. If you are unable to live in your home, keep receipts for lodging and food. Depending on your policy, the insurance company may reimburse these expenses or a portion of them. You should not file fire damage insurance claims until you have all the information and evidence that is available to receive the best insurance settlement.

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