How To Remove Smoke, Ash, and Odor from Your Home from the Wild Fires

San Diego has seen many wildfires in the past and is no stranger to seeing them again.   Wildfires can affect hundreds of homes and engulfed dozens. The damage is extensive. Some questions and answers are below.rancho bernardo smoke and ash damage homes cleanup insurance claim restoration

Q1: Is fire and smoke and ash damage covered by my insurance.

A1: If you have insurance, the answer is almost definitely, yes.

Q2: Where can I stay when I cannot live in my house and will my insurance pay to have me stay in a hotel?

A2: There are several shelters setup for families and animals to stay during this time of crisis. Most insurance carriers will reimburse you or give you a per-diem for lodging, normally in the $150 per night range. Many hotels are lowering their prices to as low as $100 to help those in need as well.

Q3: How long will it take to get my home back to normal?

A3: The answer is it depends on the damage but if it is not a fire that caused structural damage (i.e. smoke and ash damage, etc) then we can usually remove the majority of the structural debri and smoke and ash within a few days. The contents can sometimes be cleaned on-site at the same time or if needed to be taken off-site can take time depending on the extent of the damage and type of contents. The contents normally do not come back to the home until the property is back to normal but can be accesses during this timeframe.

Q4: What unforeseen damage should I think about concerning my house?fire damaged home cleanup and remediation insurance claim

A4: There is a lot of soot and ash in the air. Many homes that are even miles away from the nearest fire can still get fire damage. Areas like attic, ventilation systems, under houses, and areas where windows were left open can be affected. If they are not taken care of by removing the contaminants there can be issues with smoke odor and residue when the HVAC ventilation system is started up afterwards. We can take care of removing all these contaminants and inspect areas that you may not normally think of.

At Dry Express Restoration we are prepared and available to provide fire, smoke, and odor emergency cleaning services. Our staff is available 24/7/365 to answer questions and to perform disaster recovery. We work with all insurance carriers.

Nothing beats professional cleaning and restoration for fire, smoke, odor, or water damage.

Our professional cleaning and restoration services include:

1. Structural Cleaning: walls, ceilings, attics, cabinets, doors, windows, exteriors, debri removal, odor control and HEPA air filtration. There are many companies here to help with your exterior cleaning, M&M Home Exteriors are just one of the many examples.

2. Content Cleaning: household furnishings, fixtures, appliances, furniture cleaning, and carpet cleaningcarlsbad, ca fire damage cleanup smoke ash homes insurance claim

When fire damage to a proper occurs, Dry Express Restoration is driven to provide and unmatched service experience quickly, professionally, ethically, and with compassion, resulting in peace of mind for all concerned. 619.597.2003.

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