Kitchen Fire Restoration

When a kitchen fire such as a faulty electrical outlet, an accidental gas range left on, a grease fire, or an accidental stovetop fire, it can be devastating. Something as little as a grease fire can easily leave residue from a 50 Sq. FT kitchen to the rest of a 2,000 Sq. FT home or larger. The residue, smoke, or ash can leave smoke and fume smells on the walls, carpets, garmets, betting, and ceiling for years. If not properly remediated it can set in and last, increasing the cost to correct it. We have to staff, knowledge, and training to properly clean the surfaces, saving you time, headache, and money.

kitchen fireMany times homeowners do not realize that a small fire can cause extensive damage. For example, passing a damp, clean, white cloth across a wall with a finger for 1 to 2 feet can many times show that there is a residue that many times cannot be seen with the naked eye. This can cause odors to persist, etching to occur on windows and mirrors, and damage to metals such as door knobs and hinges. The etching is caused by the acidic reaction of the smoke with the surface. Another example is damage to duct work or the HVAC unit. If not properly cleaned from within and the unit cleaned, even after proper cleaning of the interior of the home, the problem can easily come back when the unit is turned on. These need to be HEPA vaccuumed and in some cases replaced. We can assess the damage for you and provide you with the proper options.

In other cases there could be extensive fire damage to the structure. We can build this back for you and work directly with your insurance carrier if applicable. Calling us before the insurance carrier will ensure you have the best possible solutions for putting your property back together.


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