Lemon Grove Fire Restoration

Fires commonly occur all over San Diego County! But today, we’re going to talk about fires occurring in the city of Lemon Grove.

Lemon Grove, CA is a city in San Diego County located in “East County.” As with many homes in the County, kitchens are particularly susceptible to kitchen fire smoke damagekitchen fire remediation lemon grove due to the nature of cooking, flames, and fires normally happening when preparing food. There are normally more electrical outlets, appliances, and chances for electrical fires in kitchens. Things such as a faulty electoral outlet, forgetting something on the stove, burnt food or contents in an oven, a malfunctioning refrigerator, etc are only a few examples of fires causes from within kitchen areas. We have the steps, personnel, and equipment needed to safely, quickly, and effectively clean your home after a kitchen fire to get it back to normal quickly. Contact us for your Lemon Grove Fire Restoration!

What are the steps for cleaning a kitchen fire? Here are the steps:

1. Call the fire department or 911 immediately if the fire has not been put out.

2. Call us immediately at619.597.2003 for emergency service.

3. We will address your concerns over the phone and walk you through the steps.

4. We will have a technician on-site anywhere in San Diego County, immediately.

5. We will assess the damage, address your concerns for your home, contents, and family.

6. We will board up the property if needed to protect it against the elements and potential vandalism.

7. We will clean all the surfaces of carpeting, contents, furniture, walls, ceilings, floors, etc.

8. We will have your contents either moved off-site (if needed), moved to another part of the home (if needed), or stored on an on-site container (if needed) for protection and/or professional cleaning.

9. We will cleans the air and all surfaces of the building and remove all sources of the smoke and soot.

10. We will coordinate cleaning the HVAC unit and ducts in order to guard against “puff back” after the cleaning is done.

11. We will coordinate with your insurance company the entire way if it is a covered loss. Calling us first (before calling your insurance carrier) will give you the best route for proper remediation since we can assess the cost, which will sometimes below your deductible amount meaning it may make sense for you to not file a claim. This will save you a “ding” on your insurance and make it so your insurance premiums do not go up. If a claim is justified we will walk you through the steps and take care of it with the insurance carrier directly on your behalf.

12. We will ozone the air to remove harmful contaminants that cannot always be seen.

13. We will HEPA vacuum and HEPA air scrub to remove contaminants that cannot always be seen.

14. We will use a vapor shark to add pleasant odors back into the home.

15. We will double check and clean as needed all areas of the home to remove all sources of smoke odor (think of cracks, corners, under furniture, within cabinets, under appliances, in carpets, etc).

16. We will do the same for your flooring.

17. If moving your contents we will label every item and itemize it for proper cleaning and resetting afterwards, if salvageable.

12. Once a clean bill of cleanliness is obtained we will move the contents back to their proper place.

13. The the source of the fire can be addressed and fixed.

14. Then any areas that needed to be removed during remediation can be rebuild and any contents that were unsalvageable we can coordinate with your insurance carrier for you to be reimbursed for.

Our number one goal is customer satisfaction and the safety of occupants and the home itself. If you have a kitchen fire in Lemon Grove, CA or any other area of San Diego County, give us a call 24/7/365 to assess immediately 619.597.2003. We will get you home and your lives back to normal quickly, safely, and address all your concerns from the beginning. Contact us for your Lemon Grove Fire Restoration!

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