Lemon Grove Sewage Cleanup Companies

Choosing Lemon Grove Sewage Cleanup Companies

Choosing Lemon Grove Sewage Cleanup Companies – Ok, you have a drain flood, sewage backup, overflowed toilet, broken drain line under your home or basement, or a sewage flood in a part of your home. These are very serious sewage issues that if not remediation and repaired correctly can form very serious and harmful conditions for your home and family.

Sewage water contains viruses, bacteria and parasites.  If it is not cleaned up correctly health and mold growth restoration related issues can occur to those exposed from the water or air (neurological, gastrointestinal, reproductive).

  • How do you pick the correct company from available sewage cleanupbasement sewage flood companies?
  • How do you ensure that your home is dried correctly and all the contaminants are removed from the soil, floor, walls, ceilings, building components and air?

Choose the Correct Sewage Cleanup Service Company:

Step #1: Ensure that the sewage cleanup service has the experience, correct certifications, and correct equipment for the job

Step #2: Ensure that the all areas of concern are addressed correctly

  • Floors, walls, ceilings
  • Exposed dirt
  • Cabinets, baseboards, carpeting and other building contaminants

Step #3: Ensure that engineering controls are met to minimize cross contamination

  • Seal off exposed area from the rest of the house
  • Inject clean air, exhaust and HEPA filter the contaminated air

Step #4: Ensure the moisture levels are checked daily and lowered at a consistent level

  • Dehumidification
  • Air movement control for proper drying and to ensure no cross contamination

Step #5: Ensure the sewage water cleanup area is neutralized & sanitized

  • Remove exposed building materials and dirt
  • Antimicrobial application, antiviral application, thorough cleaning

A certified sewage cleanup company service with over 10 years of experience, the needed drying and sanitizing equipment, and coverage area for all of San Diego County will be your best solution for remediation needs such as a drain flood cleanup, drain backup cleanup, and sewage cleanup basement.

Need a restoration contractor meeting all these requirements? Call us at 619.597.2003 for 24/7 emergency sewage cleanup service. We exceed all these requirements, take care of you on a personal level, walk you through all steps along the way, and work directly will all insurance carriers for covered losses.

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