Moisture meters for home inspectors

Moisture meters for home inspectors are crucial.

Your prospective new home has the right paint job and new carpeting, but hidden problems may exist in the structure. Using a home inspector is critical before you purchase a home.  Specialized inspectors look through the entire home, from attic to basement, and check for any structural or utility problems. Moisture within  walls or structural wood is cause for concern, but only a quality moisture meter detects these problems.

Proper Tools

Moisture meters for home inspectors
A moisture meter is a handheld device with a sensor open to the elements. Once the inspector turns the unit on, it instantly displays the surrounding humidity levels. Once placed near a moist building location, the humidity levels spike on the display, giving the inspector a clear indication of structural issues. Quality companies, like San Diego Dry Express , use precisely calibrated tools to accurately scan your home.

Hidden Leaks

Moisture detection home inspections
Plumbing pipes meander through walls and structural beams, making them difficult to find if a slow leak occurs. Moisture meters for home inspectors can help detect water-soaked drywall even if there is no visible moisture stain. Finding these leaks before your home purchase saves you hundreds of dollars. Damaged pipes deep in walls turn into major repairs because most of the drywall must be removed and replaced.

Protecting Your Health

Mold detection meter
Molds, including black mold, thrive in wet areas. If you move into a structure without a moisture meter inspection, your family may succumb to sickness. Spores floating through the air cause significant health problems. By choosing San Diego Dry Express for your moisture home inspection, any wet areas with mold growth are quickly found and analyzed.Moisture-Loving Pests
termites home inspection
Carpenter ants, in particular, enjoy wet structures to hide and reproduce. They slowly tunnel through your wood to create nests and sustain their colony. If a moisture meter detects a wet area, you may want to call a pest professional to check on any infestations. Eradicating pests from a new home is a costly venture, but it is always better to be on the safe side. You can check out something like pest control services Carlisle if you are interested in exterminating pests from your home.


Structural Integrity

Dry Out House
If a leak continues, more areas become saturated. Widespread leaks contribute to poor structural integrity. Water that slowly soaks through a home and into the ground causes foundational stability issues. Finding these problems with a moisture meter prevents you from buying a home that needs major renovations immediately after escrow closes.As a certified service provider, San Diego Dry Express employs caring and highly trained individuals that use top of the line equipment to find dampened areas. Rely on our quality moisture meter tools to ensure a smooth home purchase.
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