Mold Damage and Growth Facts

Mold damagemold testing san diego will grow when this occurs:

1. Moisture is present (i.e. leaking pipe, window, stucco, etc)
2. Substrate is present (i.e. drywall, cabinetry, wood flooring, etc)
3. Low air movement (i.e. inside wall cavities, under cabinets, under flooring, etc)

The 4 most common reasons for mold damage:

1. Stucco – improperly sealed stucco will allow water to enter undetected
2. Windows – around corners when not sealed correctly
3. Pipes – slow leaks in pipes are notorious
4. Roofs – older or improperly roofs cause undetected slow leaks


Call our office and we can assess mold damage in your home. We offer mold testing in San Diego County and will offer mold restoration solutions and services to remove the mold and guard against future re-occurrence.

Our Guarantee:

We take care to understand the unique needs and concerns of each customer from the beginning and tailor our service to ensure their comfort. We talk customers through the steps associated with the work before starting. All customers are updated daily. We minimize time needed from start to finish with our specialized processes, equipment, and training.


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