Overflowed Bathtub Water Damage Cleanup

Water damage from an overflowed bathtub? It happens.

Forgot to turn the water off in the tub when you had to take a phone call? Thought your overflow drain was working correctly but was actually clogged? Had a child start the water and leave without telling anyone? These are all examples of accidental water losses that can cause serious proper damage.

Bathtub water cleanupAn overflowed tub can cause extreme damage to a subfloor, carpet, drywall, ceiling below the tub, walls below the tub, etc. Depending on how quickly remediation occurs, many of these can be saved. The photo to the right shows a case where the customer let the issue sit for several days, causing a strong odor and microbial growth to occur behind the drywall. Additionally, since the water has much time to soak into the subfloor, the floor moisture content was very high, causing the need to remove the subfloor to ensure proper drying. In many cases these can be saved, saving time, money, and aggravation for the property owner.
Ceiling Tile Water Bathtub OverflowThe water came down through the ceiling causing water damage at the ceiling tiles. These ceiling tiles and portions of the subfloor non accessible from above were needed to be dried after the portions with extremely high moisture levels were removed.
Bathtub Overflow Ceiling DryoutThis photo shows the setup of ducting dry, warm, dehumidified air into the cavity to expedite drying and guard against microbial growth, while still allowing the business owners of this nail salon the conduct business.
Bathtub overflow water detectionMoisture content was checked on a daily basis with the use of moisture meters such as this penetrating moisture meter (leaves 2 small pin-hole sized marks into the material we are checking). Other moisture meters that we can employ are non-penetrating moisture meters (leave no marks), hygrometers (measure the moisture in the air), hydrosensors (give rough moisture contents of porous materials suck as carpet), and snake cameras (give visual moisture confirmation in confined areas like wall cavities and under cabinets).
Overflowed bathtub dryoutOther portions of non-occupied areas where water flowed downstairs were dried with containment, dehumidifying, and airmovers like this photo shows. The containment minimized the volume of air being dried, expediting the drying of the ceiling due to the water moving from an area of high water concentration (the ceiling / subfloor) to an area of low concentration (the dehumidified air containment).
Overflowed bathtub water dry upAreas adjacent to the water loss also were affected. We utilized a weighted extractor to extract water through the carpet and pad and injection drying to dry the wall from the inside, out. This minimized the construction needs and maximized getting the process done quickly.  This allowed for this overflowed bathtub cleanup building to be dried quicker, with less disruption to the occupants, safer, and for less money.



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