Preventing Flooding In Your Home When Your Pipes Fail

Water damage and floodingbroken pipe flood cleanup caused by a pipe break or a pipe burst can cost you thousands of dollars for repair and restoration. The best thing you can do to avoid these costs is prevention, but if you experience water damage from flooding or a pipe break you will need trained professional water restoration experts to help you clean up the mess, make all the necessary repairs, and to help you deal with getting the most from your insurance company to pay for the damage.

Water damage from a pipe burst inside your home, beneath the foundation of your home, or even outside your home can cause a large amount of problems in your home in a short time. Flooding due to storms can also be the source of damage.

There are simple steps you can follow to help us help you deal with a water problem like this in San Diego:

  • Call us first and then take the following steps. We are available 24 hours a day seven days a week to provide you with the best, most efficient, lowest cost, and fastest water restoration service available in San Diego.
  • First, you need to find the source and shut off that source. This can be as simple as turning off a valve in the kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room. You may have to cut the supply off at the meter if you cannot find the leak.
  • Move every piece of furniture you can out of the damaged area. If you cannot move the furniture then put plastic buckets or butter tubs under the legs of all wooden furniture to prevent serious wood damage.
  • We will coordinate with your insurance company and start the appraisal process, leaving you relaxed. We have experience dealing with all the major insurance companies and know many of the local appraisers personally so we can help you get the most from the money you have paid into your insurance for years.

Water restoration can be a complex and delicate operation. We have the latest technology to insure that your home is repaired completely, thoroughly, and safely. We can act quickly to prevent further harm to your home.

Repairs from floods usually include drying the area affected, removing and replacing the base boards if necessary, and drying the drywall and repairing any cracks or breaks in the drywall. The dry out process can take as long as a week with the high velocity fans we use depending on how severe a problem you have.

We will provide odor elimination, carpet drying and cleaning, cabinet drying, hardwood floor drying, duct cleaning, and dehumidification to save you money on replacement and repair.

You can help us and yourself by taking a few steps to prevent the possibility of a pipe burst. Check your clothes washer, every sink line, every feed to your baths, and your water heater monthly to prevent leaks.

If you have a problem in San Diego, Call us today! 619.597.2003, do what you can to help us, get your insurance involved as soon as possible, and let us handle the problem for you. Check out our reputation on Yelp and you will find the highest level of customer satisfaction.

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