Preventing San Diego Kitchen Fires

Preventing San Diego Kitchen Fires

A San Diego kitchen fire is a home disaster that is often very preventable; however, if you experience a kitchen fire, it is still tragic. It only takes a few fairly simple, preventative measures to avoid a kitchen fire and any associated fire damage.

1. Install a smoke detector and check it regularly

A smoke detector offers the first signal that there is a problem in the home. While the detector does not have to be in the kitchen (and should not be to avoid false alarms) having a detector that is always in working order in close proximity to the kitchen will offer an early warning if a problem were to occur.

2. Maintain appliances

An electric spark caused by a faulty plug or a flame caused by crumbs in the dump tray of a toaster are regular causes of kitchen fires. Regularly cleaning out your toaster, evaluating appliances including the toaster, microwave, oven, and refrigerator helps detect issues that could later lead to a fire if not repaired.

3. Check wiring and unplug appliances

Common kitchen fires result from old or faulty wiring. Checking the electricity connections and wiring in the home and replacing as necessary can help prevent primary causes for kitchen fires. Another safe practice is to unplug appliances when they are not being used or at least when the house is going to be empty for an extended period of time.

4. Clean the oven and stove

With extensive use, both the stove and the oven in a home are susceptible to buildup. This buildup of grease, crumbs, food particles, and other elements are fire hazards. To avoid a fire caused by such build up, it is imperative to regularly clean the stove and oven. Wiping down the stove after use and periodically cleaning the oven using a self-clean or other method helps prevent fires caused by kitchen build-up. You might also want to look into what type of oven you’re using, if you are interested in finding out more about the differents ovens you might want to check out somewhere like to learn more.

5. Use caution when cooking

Being attentive in the kitchen is a must for avoiding hazards and actual fire. Remaining in the kitchen while cooking is important to make necessary adjustments to temperatures. Carefully using pot holders and dish towels is also important to avoid combustion of such items.

While kitchen fires can be prevented, the damage caused by a home fire can be difficult to manage. Be sure to always have a fire extinguisher on hand that has had its annual fire extinguisher inspection. If you or someone you know has been victim to a home fire or kitchen fire, call San Diego Dry Express Restoration. We have extensive experience with kitchen fire damage repair and are known for expedient response, expert cleanup, and excellent customer service. 619.597.2003

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