Rainwater Damage Insurance Claim


What is a covered insurance claim loss with rainwater damage
removal? How is it cleaned up? How is the water damage removed correctly? What are the steps?

Guard against increasing your homeowners insurance rates. Here are the best steps to assess and remove the flood damage and ensure that you are not “dinged” by trying to file a claim that may not be covered:

  • Turn off the electricity to the affected room or at least remove any electrical items near the water.
  • Call our office at 619.597.2003 for an assessment.
  • Remove and cleanup the water.
  • Dry up the water damage from the rain.
  • Remove any items that may have dirty water on them.
  • Disinfect and sanitize the area.
  • Guard against mold damage.
  • Protect against future flooding.

Many times these rain water insurance claimrainwater flood damage insurance losses are not covered. Sometimes they are. We can help you assess the damage, help you determine if you should file a claim or not, and move forward with at least the emergency services to help guard against mold damage and future larger issues.

How do you know if you have a covered loss or not due to rainwater?

It depends on a lot of factors. Most policies do not normally cover “rising” flood rainwater entering the home. However most policy do covered damage from water entering a home it is from wind, hail, or damage to the home caused by a storm, like a fallen tree. Call us to assess the damage and help you make the decision.

Why is important to call a restoration contractor before calling my insurance company?

Recent changes in most building and homeowner insurance policies have caused for “dings” on policies even if a building owner calls their insurance company for an assessment. This assessment will require a restoration company to come out. And if the insurance company decides it is not a covered loss, you will still get a “loss” on your policy, increasing your insurance rates. Furthermore, many insurance companies are cancelling policies with more than one or two claims within the past 3 years, whether work was done or not. You have legal rights as a insurance policy holder and we are experts in helping homeowners walk through the insurance claim process. So save yourself additional charges and call us for an assessment.

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