Restoration: Detect Water Leaks, Dry Floods, & Contain Dust

Detecting water damage in homes can be frustrating for homeowners. Sometimes it is an issue where a pipe was placed into a slab when a home was built and a rupture happens and causes a slow or sudden flood of water from seemingly nowhere. Other times it can be a slow or fast leak around a shower supply line or drain line around the bottom and percolating to the perimeter. Water is going to seek the path of least resistance. Therefore, many times water appears in areas that don’t make common sense. For example, a leaky shower drain that is for a tiled in shower enclosure can produce water being shown in an adjacent bathroom. In this case it will initially make sense that the water is originating from the other bathroom when in fact it is coming from the adjacent wall shower. This is why having the proper expertise, experience, and state of the art equipment is so important. We use “see” cameras, infrared cameras, and a multitude of specialized moisture detection equipment to find such sources. Our technicians are also trained to determine sources so that we can assist turning the water source off so that the areas can be dried to mitigate further damage. Then, the issue can be fixed before the reconstruction process happens.

Below you will find photos of this type of work and containment setup for some past jobs.

For the drying process we use specialized drying equipment. In many cases we can save the homeowner or insurance company thousands of dollars by using proprietary techniques such as injection drying for drywall and wall drying, duct assisted drying for ceilings & cavities & hard to reach areas, desiccant drying with containment for hardwood floors and crawlspaces, floor mat driers for hardwood and tile floors, countertop shoring techniques, top down drying in carpets, pressure assisted water extraction, dust containment with negative pressure air cleansing.

For containing dust and expediting drying we can use custom built containment chambers. We construct these in the areas of where restoration is needed. The process is to contain the entire area and incorporate enough area for our technicians to work. Additionally, we set up “negative air” where HEPA airscrubbers are used to extract the air in the containment while pulling in clean air from outside the containment and blowing dirty air out of the containment and out of the building.

If you have a flooded home, need to determine where a leak is for drying your building out, or want to ensure that dust is contained during demolition or specialized restoration techniques, Call us today! 619.597.2003.


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