Roof Water, Rain, and Wind Damage Repair and Tarping

In our area the rainyrain damage roof tarp season usually occurs between October and March.  Historically there are a couple to a dozen heavy rains during that time period.  Those rains many times cause extensive damage to roof coverings such as shingles, clay tiles, hot mop and pea gravel, etc.  Call us today! 619.597.2003 can assess these damages, dry the structure out on the inside, emergency tarp the roof, and / or repair the roof damage.

Due to the fact that rain typically doesn’t happen for several months out of the year (i.e. April through September), roof issues many times don’t come up until the rains are heavy.  It is important to eliminate further damage and guard against future damage.  We typically see a call from a customer arise from some sort of the following process:

1.  Heavy rain causing water to enter the home / building

2. Homeowner / business owner / property manager, etc notices water in the structure

3. Person calls our office for an assessment

4. We conduct emergency tarping of the roof to guard against further water intrusion

5. We dry out the inside of the building to guard against mold damage and further water damage by using state-of-the-art drying equipment and technology

6. We make repairs to the structure if anything was damaged beyond being able to be dried in place (i.e. replace insulation, drywall, painting, etc as needed if required to remove to allow for proper drying)

7. We make repairs to the roof or help the customer with selecting a roofing contractor

Since we work with all insurance carrier we provide a detailed description and breakdown of cost to the customer if they choose to turn this into an insurance claim.  Sometimes these are covered and other times they are not.  It is dependent on the customers insurance carrier and their policy.  In general wind driven rain that causes verifiable physical damage to the home will be covered by insurance, outside of the customers deductible.  Examples may include shingles flying off roofs from wind damage and resulting water intrusion, broken window from a flying branch due to wind damage and resulting water damage inside the building, and a fallen tree onto a building from wind / water damage.  Calling Dry Express Restoration first allows for a proper assessment and gives the customer the most options.  In many cases the resulting damage is close to the deductible amount allowing a customer not to file and stopping from the need to have a claim on their policy. Call us today! 619.597.2003

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