How to Safely Dry Soaked Wet Flooded Drywall from a Water Line Burst in a Home Without Removing the Drywall

Many homes in the area are mainly covered with drywall in the interior. Others sometimes have plaster. And others have some areas with paneling. When there is a flood from a clean water loss like a burst copper line break, supply line flood, sink overflow, interior sprinkler system flood, etc these areas can be safely dried in-place without needing to remove drywall. We have a technique that utilized specialized equipment and processes to dry it out from the inside out safely and be able to test for the moisture content to ensure it is dried safely. ca soaked flooded drywall plaster wood paneling flood dryout in-place safely and cleanup

Some of the benefits of using our technique for drying drywall or plaster or wood paneling in-place are as follows:

1.  Saves time. This can save the homeowner up to 50% of time with not needing to replace drywall and the invaluable reduction in frustration and headache of having equipment and technicians in the home.

2.  Saves money. Since the drywall is not needed to be replaced after this technique we can save the homeowner up to 60% over conventional drying that removed the drywall first.

3.  Saves frustration for the homeowner and / or occupants. Since the amount of time on-site by technicians can be reduced up to 50% it is a huge amount of reduced stress on the occupants.

The steps for drying drywall in place when you have a flooded home are as follows:

1.  Turn the water off.

2.  Call us immediately at 619.597.2003.

3.  Shut off the electricity to the affected area.

4.  Investigate what areas the flood affected.

5.  Remove all standing water.

6.  Block furniture bottoms to guard against staining to the below floor and damage to the furniture.

6.  Injection dry the affected drywall.

7.  Set up a balanced drying system.

8.  Check moisture levels daily, adjust equipment daily and repeat until the affected areas are to standard dry levels.

9.  Address the issue that caused the flood.

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