San Diego Water Bed Damage

San Diego Water Bed Damage

Water beds are great! However, when a water bed bursts, it can be a huge debacle involving, wet carpets, wet drywall, flooded flooring, etc. It is very important to clean a water bed flood properly, as the chemicals inside of water beds can be harmful to anyone in the home if it is not cleaned up and dried out quickly!

When a home has a flood due to a water bed burst that causes wet carpets, wet drywall, flooded flooring, etc, it needs to be cleaned up correctly. The chemicals within water beds can be harmful to anyone in the home!

How to clean up a flood from a burst water bed? Here are the steps:

1.  Make sure no one enters the room. The water within water beds is not clean water. It is ridden with chemicals that can be harmful to occupants, especially young children and the elderly.

2.  Call us at 888-379-3977 immediately to help solve your San Diego Water Bed Damage problems.. We can take care of the steps for cleaning up the flood from start to finish!!! We will take care of the rest of the steps!

3.  Turn of the power to the affected rooms.

4.  Test moisture levels in all areas and adjoining rooms to determine the extent of the flood. We use a combination of penetrating, non-penetrating, infrared, and camera moisture detectors to assess the damage.

5.  Seal off the room and setup up HEPA airscrubbing to cleans the air. The contaminants in the air need to be stopped from spreading to the rest of the home.

5.  Remove all porous, non-structural material affected by the water. The standards set forth by the restoration industry such as the IICRC, EPA, and NY Standard all note that this water is to be deemed Category 3 water, black water.

6.  Clean all affected areas with a surfactant and apply an antimicrobial application. The Cat 3 designation of water bed flood will necessitate an antimicrobial application to properly sanitize the area.

7.  Set up a balanced drying system. We will set up the appropriately sized drying equipment and have a multitude of equipment to choose from, depending on the extent of the damage.

8.  Check the moisture levels daily and adjust the equipment positioning as needed to expedite drying.

9.  Once drying has been completed remove the equipment.

10.  Repair or replace any items that were needed to be removed during the drying and cleaning up process.

Call is at 888-379-3977 if you have a flood from a water bed burst for emergency service 24/7/365. We can be on-site within an hour or less and will take care of your home as if it were our own. Our technicians are trained and aware of the extreme stress involved in having a home flood and will be sure to talk and walk you calmly through the steps to ensure your comfort.

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