San Diego Wood Rot Water Damage

San Diego Wood Rot Water Damage

As with most homes in the area, the homes here are prone to San Diego Wood Rot Water Damage. It could be from a leaky pipe, a sudden burst, a sprinkler, a flood from rain, etc that caused water damage. When the water damage occurs without notice or without maintenance when there is a flood, long term water damage and wood rotwood rot water damage el cajon can occur. When we see wood rot it is due to long term moisture levels. Sometimes it’s from improper construction and other times its from water damage that just sneaks up and cannot be detected until it is too late. We have the equipment, personnel, and experience to properly remediate the wood rot, remove it as needed, dry the area correctly, remove any air borne contaminants, and provide a 3rd party clearance test when needed.

Here are the steps to take to properly remediate and/or remove wood rot from water damage:

1. Turn of the source of the water moisture, if possible.

2. Call us immediately at 619.597.2003. The sooner we get to the damage, the lesser damage will occur.

3. We will evaluate the damage and determine a proper remediation procedure. This will involve some combination of material moisture detection, air moisture detection, visual detection, and/or air sampling detection.

4. Set up containment to prevent the spread of airborne contaminants and safety of occupants and workers. This means separating the area to be worked on from the rest of the building using engineering controls.

5. Ensure proper ventilation and air cleansing. We will use HEPA airscrubbers and filters properly sized to provide the needed number of air exchanges per minute.

6. Remove the wood material that is too “far gone” to be saved. We will adhere to several standards for remediation to ensure the safety of the occupants or future occupants of the building. “Too far gone” is defined as areas that have microbial growth and materials that are non-structural. For “in-between” items we will evaluate and make a plan for proper remediation.

7. Dry the affected areas with the proper combination of dehumidifiers, desiccants, air heaters, injection driers, air movers, etc.

8. Clean all affected areas with a surfactant and antimicrobial application.

9. Clean the air for the proper amount of time in preparation for a 3rd party clearance test, if applicable.

10. Coordinate with a 3rd party air clearance tester. The passing test will show levels of microbial material in the air of containment to be at or below the levels naturally outside of the building (natural environment baseline sample).

11. Once a passing test is obtained, coordinate the fixing of the cause of the water moisture. If this seems “backwards” as in the issue should be fixed first, note that most times the issue cannot be addressed until areas are opened up and the root of the issue is found. Turning off the source first ensures proper drying is possible the whole issue causing the moisture can be found and addressed after a clearance test is obtained.

12. Coordinate reconstruction as needed.

If you have long term wood rot damage in your home, give us a call for immediate service at 619.597.2003. We will provide you a detailed estimate prior to starting, calmly walk you through the process and answer your questions, and update you daily to make adjustments as needed daily.

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