Trauma Remediation

Dry Express Restoration is licensed to cleanup and transport biohazard material from a jobsite to a certified incineration / loading site… more

Fire Damage

leaky pipe water damage san diego caWhen a homeowner or building owner has a fire in their structure like a kitchen fire or an electrical outlet fire that damages a portion or all of their property, their lives are in disarray… more

Water Damage

When a homeowner has a flood in their house like an overflowed toilet or a leaky pipe in the wall, many times they will call their insurance agent for a referral to dry the structure out since these cases are covered by insurance… more

Mold Removal

When a building is on the market for sale, there are cases during the inspection that mold is found… more

Specialty Clean Up

Property damage emergencies are always unpredictable. Fortunately, our consistent response is not… more

Dry Express takes care of all types of water damage, including leaky pipe water damage and slab leaks.