Insurance Claim Process Assistance

If related to an insurance claim, contact us first and we can walk you through the steps of us working directly with your insurance company / adjuster to ensure a smooth process. We work with all insurance carriers and know the intricacies involved. We will walk you through the steps and ensure your understanding and comfort. When unrelated to an insurance claim, we will overview the process to ensure your comfort as well. In general, the claims process is as follows:

  1. Flood / fire / mold damage occurs in a homeowners house (i.e. overflowed toilet, electrical outlet fire, slow leaking supply line behind a refrigerator, etc)
  2. Homeowner has a few options:
    • Call Dry Express Restoration directly to be taken care of on a personalized level! We use standard unit pricing software outlined by the insurance industry, meet or exceed insurance and licensing requirements of insurance carriers, and guarantee our work.  We work with all insurance carriers including but not limited to Farmers Insurance, State Farm Insurance, Allstate, AAA, USAA, The Hartford, Mercury, Liberty Mutual, Nationwide, and Chubb.
    • Take care of the situation themselves – can be very dangerous. If not fully dried out, mold can grow and can be a serious risk to their health.
    • Call someone from the internet – hopefully it is Dry Express Restoration. If not they may not be trained, licensed and insured and may be charged incorrectly.
    • Call their insurance agent – hopefully Dry Express is referred; however, the agent may refer them to the 800 claims number. If referred to the 800 # the policyholder may not be taken care of on a personal level and could be treated in a difficult manner when they are in a middle of a disaster.
  3. Determination of a covered loss can many times be determined at this point, else the process would move forward by Dry Express coordinating with the insurance carrier if the customer desires. Please contact us to discuss. When not covered, the cost, scope, and options for moving forward will be discussed prior to starting.
  4. If Dry Express is on-site first and is a covered insurance claim:
    • Authorization is signed to start work
    • Equipment is placed within the building and anything needing demolition is completed.
    • Dry Express corresponds with the assigned insurance adjuster to ensure fair pricing and comfort of the homeowner.
    • Dry Express takes daily moisture readings to ensure that all components are dried prior to removing equipment.
    • Dry Express has a survey / certification of completion filled out by the homeowner and forwards it to the insurance carrier to ensure everyone involved is satisfied with the service.
    • Dry Express can coordinate reconstruction services quickly and in many cases supply the material prior to the remediation being complete, greatly reducing the claim duration.
    • Dry Express Restoration is paid directly through the insurance carrier or indirectly through the homeowner after a check is written by the insurance carrier to the homeowner.