Running Water Damage

Forget to turn the sink or bathtub off? Our sink and toilet overflow damage cleanup team can clean up the mess, and prevent further water damage.

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Ever accidentally left the bathtub faucet on? Have young children that don’t know better? Ever needed to take a call or get sidetracked when doing the dishes in the kitchen sink? Have an elderly parent that sometimes is forgetful when turning off faucets? These are examples of times when a serious flood can occur.

As little as a few gallons of overflow from a bathtub in a second floor bathroom can cause water damage to the subfloor and drywall of the second floor and ceiling and wall of the floor below. This can happen in a matter of seconds. If not properly taken care of it can cause mold damage and serious health issues for the inhabitants of the building.

If left unattended this type of water loss can easily double in remediation and construction cost once mold growth occurs. At Dry Express Restoration, office of Micah J. Somarriba, P.E., we have the correct detection meters, skilled technicians and equipment to locate and determine the needed areas of drying and take care of the drying quickly and efficiently.

We handle all sink and toilet overflow water damage services in San Diego CA, large or small.