Smoke Damage Restoration

Fires can be damaging enough on their own, but the smoke damage that follows can be just as devastating. We help to expedite the smoke damage restoration process, so you can get your home or business back to normal quickly.

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Soot and Ash Cleanup and HVAC Issues

When fire damage occurs in a building or structure, the smoke damage will leave behind soot and ash.  Sometimes it can only be seen when a light cloth with cleaning product is wiped against a wall.  An example of this are small kitchen range fire in a pot or pan causing grease or burnt food to enter the air and coat the walls of the building.   Other examples of smaller fires are a small outlet fire or a small garage fire contained in that area.  When a cloth is wiped against the wall it will leave a dark colored residue on the cloth.  This residue will continue to keep the home smelling of “smoke” unless taken care of correctly.  We have the cleaning products, HEPA airscrubber, HEPA vacuumes, and remediation techniques to eliminate this possibility.  Simply cleaning down the walls is not a remedy for eliminated the odor.  Odor will be on / in the walls, on carpets, clothes, furniture and other porous items.  Depending on the type of smoke, the remediation protocol will change.

When fire and smoke damage is larger, other techniques are needed.  A large home fire can leaved walls and rooms completely charred and may have structural components damaged.  When this occurs, we many times demolish areas of drywall and rebuild them after proper remediation.  Sometimes they are wet from firefighters putting the fires out.  In these cases they need to be dried.

Large and small fires most of the time also leave damage to HVAC (heating systems or air conditioning systems or both).  If the units were in direct contact with the fire they may need to be replaced.  However, many times we find that they can be saved.  Many times the issue is not on the ability of the unit to work properly after repair but in cleaning the units and the duct system.  We have the ability to property clean and sanitize the units, check their proper ability to operate, and get them back to running correctly.  If they are not cleaned and serviced correctly, after all remediation is completed and they are turned on, soot and ash can be spread all over the structural again, making all prior work ineffective.  We can guard against this.

We will be able to evaluate if the components in the structure can be saved or need to be replaced (i.e. drywall, carpet, flooring, cabinets, HVAC unit, appliances, toilets, fixtures, etc), what needs to be cleaned and remediated property, if any drying needs to occur (i.e. if the structure was left wet from fire suppression), what needs to be sealed (i.e. insides of wall cavities), and what needs to be rebuilt.

Contact Dry Express Restoration, office of Terrence Young, for an evaluation.  We will take care of you on a personal level, getting your home or business and lives back to normal in a quick, efficient manner with your needs in mind.

Immediate Remediation Response Needed Because…..

After the fire has been suppressed, at a minimum a structure should be boarded up, emergency protection against etching of metals and glass should be conducted, and utilities should be shut off as needed.  Our technicians are trained for proper board-up of windows and doors to guard against vandalism and to apply products to metals and galas to stop the etching due to soot residue moving downward on them due to time and gravity.  Additionally, the gas line should be shut off at an approved valve and the utility company contacted to ensure a leak does not occur.  Many times the electricity and water should be shut off depending on the severity of the fire.  Further damage or a re-occurrence can occur if these are not completed.

Once emergency remediation has been completed, further remediation is necessary very quickly to get the structure back to normal.  Without proper remediation, air filtration, and air exhaustion / ventilation, the remediation efforts will not result in a odor-free environment.

Down-time of the structure / home / business can take a toll on the lives of the inhabitants.  We can respond immediately and get your structure back to normal very quickly.

Fire and Smoke Damage Repair Contractor

After remediation is complete, many times there are components that need to be put back together.  For example, drywall, texturing, painting, carpeting, linoleum, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, insulation, baseboard, cabinets, countertops, appliance replacement, roofing, siding, windows, toilets, sinks, fixtures, cleaning, etc may need to be replaced by a contractor after fire damage to a property or properties.  When this smoke damage occurs by a fire many times it is covered by insurance and the homeowner or building owner needs a licensed contractor for the smoke damage restoration that is familiar with the reconstruction and claims process with insurance companies.  We can coordinate the reconstruction from start to finish using one of our affiliated contractors and keeping several items in-house.

Frequently Asked Questions – Fire & Smoke