Soaked Baseboard Dry Out South Park

South Park is a community of the City of San Diego is located near Balboa Park, so Central San Diego County. Most homes not only in South Park but the rest of the county have baseboards and normally they are attached to either drywall or plaster. We have a process for drying them out quickly and safely and in many cases without needing to replace baseboards, passing savings on to you. Wet baseboardswet baseboard cleanup south park can happen from a multiple of water issues ranging from water seeping into a home slowly to a sudden burst in a water line in the wall to a broken flood supply line in a concrete floor (slab leak). In all cases it can be difficult to determine where the moisture or flood is coming from. Thankfully, we have moisture meters for detecting where water sources are coming from and if needed we have a range of leak detectors that we can refer you to to determine the location. Flooding in homes is a statistical fact and drying them out can be done if completed correctly, quickly, and with the correct drying equipment.

If you have a flood in your home that causes your drywall and baseboards to get wet, here are the steps we can take for you to get them dried out fast and eliminate issues with mold:

1.  Turn off the water.

2.  Call us immediately at 619.597.2003 where we can schedule a technician 24/7/365 and be on-site anywhere in San Diego County within an hour.

3.  Turn of the electricity to the rooms that are affected.

4.  Remove the excess standing water. We will use high capacity extractors and/or rovers to remove up to 99% of the water and the remaining amount with dehumidifiers, desiccants, heaters, injection driers, etc.

5.  Remove the baseboards carefully to expose the backing of them and not damage the paint on the wall if possible.

6.  Place injection holes and tubes below the baseboard lines to dry the drywall or plaster wall from the inside out.

7.  Set up a balance drying system with the necessary injection drying, dehumidifying, and air moving equipment.

8.  Check the equipment daily to ensure proper drying and adjust as needed.

9.  Clean all affected surfaces with a surfactant and antimicrobial as applicable.

10.  Address the issue that caused the water flood to the baseboards.

11.  Reset the baseboards if they could have been saved and replace any items needed. Many times in clean water losses we can save the baseboards and stop of needing to damage the walls to where the baseboards can be reset without needing to repaint walls. This helps save the homeowner money and gets the property back to normal ASAP.

If you have a home on South Park or any other area of San Diego County give us a call at 619.597.2003 to have a technician on-site immediately. We are certified in by the IICRC and adhere to the EPA Standards for drying and mold remediation. Don’t be duped by a company that will show up with a “shop vacuum” and a “beat up pickup truck” that will cause more damage than good.

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