Soda Blasting Flood Cleanup

If you have had a flooded home that has not been remediated correctly or that a flood was not addressed or that a flood happened that was unknown, many times microbial growth will build up. If this happened under a home, especially, it can go without being seen for a very long time, increasing the amount of microbial growth. Some older homes have air intakes in the crawlspaces which will pump malicious, microbial laden air into the home if not addressed quickly. In some of these cases the use of a soda blaster to remove the microbial growth off the joists, walls, ceilings, and floors is needed. A soda blastersoda blaster water damage mission trails is a machine that uses soda as a material for shooting a stream of it against a material to clean the surface. You can think of it like a water house but using soda instead of water so that the surfaces are not left wet. When done, the soda is simply cleaned up with a HEPA vacuum and HEPA air scrubbers. It is similar to dry ice blasting but using solid soda instead of dry ice.

How do you use a soda blaster to remove water and microbial mold growth under a home? Here are the steps:

1. Turn off the source of the water. In some cases it is a burst pipe, a leaky irrigation system, a next door neighbors leaky pool, etc.

2. Call us immediately at 619.597.2003. We can walk you through the steps to remove the water damage and setup all the subsequent steps.

3. Turn off the electricity to the affected areas to minimize electrocution.

4. Use personal protective garments, face proctetion, HEPA aerators, gloves, boots, etc to protect the skin, lungs, and eyes form harmful contaminants before entering into the area.

5. Close off all ventilation that may be moving air into the home.

6. Close off area of ingress of air that can cross from beneath the home into the home (holes, cracks, doors, etc).

7. Set up negative air pressure to pump clean air into the area to work and bad air out. We use a combination of HEPA airscrubbers, tubing, and calculations to ensure the proper number of air exchanges per minute for the area to be safe to work in for workers.

8. Soda blast the areas to be cleaned.

9. Clean up the soda blasting material from the air and ground with a HEPA vacuum.

10. Scrub all surfaces with a surfactant and cleaner.

11. Scrub all surfaces with an antimicrobial

12. Dry all affected areas using a balanced drying system to include machines such as dehumidifiersdehumidifer water damage crawl space mission trails, desiccants, airmovers, heater, etc as needed to dry the areas.

13. Test the drying daily with moisture meters and hygrometers and adjust equipment as needed.

14. Remove all the equipment when the areas are dry.

15. Address the issue that cause the flood and have it fixed.

16. Repair any areas that were damaged during the remediation to put the home back to normal.

If you need soda blasting to remove blemishes or microbial mold growth from water damage or other causes, give us a call at 619.597.2003 for emergency service 24/7/365. We can have a technician on-site in most cases in less than an hour and get your life and home back to normal quickly.

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