The Dry Express Experience

We specialize in insurance claims for emergency services and associated reconstruction. Dry Express Restoration’s purpose is to serve the insurance industry and associated customers, to make sure the water, fire, mold, and trauma emergency restoration and reconstruction service experience is free of emotional distress, free of frustration, and expedited in duration.  I have come up with these ideals to match our specific type of Customer’s needs, the ones that value our expertise and unique skill set to take care of them emotionally and to properly take care of their buildings.  The ones that realize being taken care of properly will eliminate their frustrations and expedite the work.  To reach these ideals this means several things:

1.  Dealing with the Customer ethically and honestly.  We don’t hard sell customers, we simply help them understand our services and cater to their specific type of personalities.  We don’t take advantage of them at one of their most vulnerable times, we walk them through the process and ease their worries.  At the same time we know they have to ensure the safety of their homes so we help them understand how we set ourselves apart from other companies.

2.  Producing quality work and a quality product that can be depended on to look, be, and function exactly as promised.  This boils down to proper procedure, attention to detail, and ensuring the work expectations of the customers are met.

3.  Eliminating all sources of frustration.  For our emergency services, and to a certain point the related construction services, this is a very traumatic experience for our customers.  We see it every day but this is usually the first time for them and has affected their largest investment they will likely ever own.  Additionally, many times, they have strong emotional ties to the building and / or contents within it.  They have questions like when is the work going to be completed, how is it going to be completed, how are we going to be paid, can you guarantee that mold will not grow, how do you ensure the color of the bathroom will be the same as it was before, and so on.  It is an integral part of our job to answer all these types of questions and lay out the groundwork for how the process works from the beginning.

4.  Using the best, most efficient management controls available.  This means knowing exactly what we must do to complete jobs, assigning benchmarks and quality controls to ensure each step is properly completed and documented, sometimes learning on our feet but adjusting course quickly, and having a process of checks and balances in place to ensure all is properly done.

5.  Realizing a fair and reasonable profit at a reasonable cost to the Customer and/or Insurance Company.  We are an emergency service called out for our specific skill to guard against further damage to a property, remove emotional distress of the customer, and rebuild the structure quickly and efficiently.  This takes a lot of preparation, skills, tools, equipment, and training.

Now to get the results that both the Customer and us at Dry Express Restoration want and need we have to address the issue of Ethics.  Everyone in my company sphere needs to be treated with the respect and dignity that they deserve.

I further commit to dealing only with Sub-Contractors who can embrace the same high standards as my company.  We need to ensure the Customer’s needs are clearly identified from the onset, and ultimately met.  We need to prepare Sub-Contractors, Customers, and Clients with what to expect throughout the restoration process.

So, I have written standards for work quality and conduct for everyone who works with and for Dry Express Restoration.  Within these standards are the benchmarks, exact steps for the processes, and guidelines for checking each step to ensure all pieces fit together to produce Customer Satisfaction.  As needed these standards are updated to produce more efficient systems.  I demand that the procedures are followed by the people who work for me and that those people do what they say they are going to do, such as completing the job in a timely manner, controlling costs, and offering the highest-quality workmanship through efficient management systems.  In return I commit to compensate accordingly and reciprocate ethical treatment.

It is my belief that taking an ethical approach to the restoration process will inevitable produce trust, confidence, and satisfaction.  Something that other restoration companies are simply not providing.  It will create something extraordinary – The Dry Express Experience – which will leave the customer frustration-free throughout the entire process.

With a Systems Approach to Complete Customer Satisfaction we will be able to deliver consistent customer happiness, company health, and an enjoyable work environment.  This is my vision for my company and the direction we are going.  At the heart of it are the people that work for me, Sub-Contractors we choose, and the Customers we serve, and I am very am excited for you to be a part of it.  Now lets get started.


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