Tips for Water Damage Insurance Claims


Anyone who owns a home may find themselves dealing with water damage in San Diegowater damage insurance claim tips or surrounding counties. Whether the problem is caused by a leak in the roof or a problem in the pipes, it is vital to know the legal requirements insurance carriers must follow and steps you can take minimize issues. The claim process can be tedious and the following water damage restoration tips can make it go more smoothly:







Limit the Damage

One reason that claims or portions of claims are not covered are when homeowners do not minimize damage. The most common example of this is a flood that happens in a bathroom and is left wet to the point that mold grows. Most carriers will not cove the mold damage if the flood was knows to have occurred but not taken care of immediately.

Call Us Immediately and Before You Call Your Insurance Carrier

Call us immediately for assessment and dryout. When you know you have water damage but are not doing anything to dry it out, many carriers will deny a part or all of a claim. We may be able to save you an increase on your insurance rates by determining coverage immediately. There are many cases that are clearly covered or clearly non-covered flood losses. We will help you determine this can be on-site in less than an hour 24/7. Call us today! 619.597.2003

Take Photos

Taking snapshots with a phone or camera, or shooting some video of the damage will increase the chances of a successful claim. Pay particular attention to taking photos of the source of the damage (i.e. pipe burst, faulty faucet, broken supply line, etc). Documenting the event is also helpful for the water damage restoration and repair phases that will come later.

Check the Policy

Most basic homeowner insurance covers water damage insurance claims. Call us and we can assist with determining the coverage, source, dryout needs, etc. There are generalizations that we can inform you on depending on your situation (water from a pipe, roof, toilet, pool, etc) and type of policy (renters, homeowners, condo, commercial master policy, etc). We work with all insurance carriers, know their processes, and use their pricing schedules.

Avoid Saying Too Many Details

This is not to say or imply that you should keep information from your insurance carrier. However, once you say something to the carrier or adjuster it becomes a part of your claim and inherently can be used to deny coverage. Especially important items to be careful mentioning and possible avoid saying are:

  • Exactly when the flood occurred (sudden vs long-term flood damage denial)
  • Exactly how the flood occurred (accidental vs known cause flood damage denial)
  • Exactly how long you have known about the flood (pre-existing flood damage denial)

It is the responsibility of the insurance carrier and/or adjuster to make decisions on coverage so to protect yourself and increase the chance that your loss will not be denied, let them do their jobs, be cordial, and be cooperative. But also be careful about what you say.

The above steps, along with being cooperative, will be sufficient to resolve most claims regarding water damage. We are available 24/7 to help you with your claim. Call us before you call your insurance carrier. In most cases we can save you time, money, and increase your chances that your claim will be covered. Call us today! 619.597.2003

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