Water Damage Control After Flooding in Your House

When water damagewater damage cleanup happens to your home in, not only is it a mess to clean, it can be a health concern as well. The mold and fungus that can grow on wet or damp surfaces can make you and your family ill. Cleaning and disinfecting the areas that are wet should be taken care of right away. Depending on the extent of the damage, a professional may need to be called to dry everything out completely.

Whether the water damage was caused by a flooded toilet, a washer malfunction, or flooding storm, it can ruin an entire house. You can try to clean your flooded home yourself, but chances are, if there is major flooding, a professional cleaning service will need to be called in to access the damage and return your home to original, dry condition. Accessing where the water came from and if it is clean water or dirty water that needs cleaned up. Dirty water will be from a sewer or toilet, clean water would be from a water pipe or washer. Clean water can turn to dirty water if left for a short length of time, causing mold and other health issues.

A flooded house is simply a mess. There are some things that should be done right away when your home is flooded. Among the first things that should be done is

  • Turn off the electricity, gas and water
  • Move everything that can be moved out of the flooded area
  • For water damage control, the cause of the flood must be fixed before the proper clean up can take place
  • Wet carpet will need to be cleaned and dried or replaced
  • Wet walls will need to be dried completely
  • Wet furniture or flooring will grow mold quickly

When the water is extensive, a professional restoration service will need to be consulted to clean, dry and disinfect the flooded areas.The damage water can cause to your home can cost thousands of dollars and we can minimize these costs using state-of-the-science equipment, techniques, and immediate response.  Dry Express Restoration can take on any water damage and restore your home to clean and safe condition. They are licensed to clean wet carpet and much more. A flooded house is a nightmare for any home owner. Wet carpets can be difficult to clean and dry. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Call right away. Call us today! 619.597.2003 Dry Express Restoration will evaluate the damage and clean it up good as new. Let us take care of the water damage control while you get back to life.

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