Water, Fire & Mold Restoration Contractor's Office & Shop, a 360 Degree View

Hi, I’m Micah Somarriba, owner of Dry Express Restoration, and the video on this page is an overview of our office, shop, and vehicles.  The dialogue on the video is as follows……here are a couple of our vehicles, all of them are logoed as well as our trailers that you see on there on the far end of the lot.  This is our office and our shop.  This is a 360 degree view of what it looks like from the outside.  Here are some of our vehicles again.  Now if we move back in you see our shop.  This is the front of our office.  On the left hand side you can see our construction materials that we use for in-house construction.  Things such as OSB plywood, drywall, texturing, paint, those type of things that we do on a regular basis, also stucco patching, we keep in our shop and available for immediate start for construction jobs to make them go smoothly.  We have specialty ladders for reaching hard to get to areas in projects.  We also have a multitude of specialty drying equipment, filtering equipment, and cleaning equipment.  For example, these are airmovers.  We also have dehumidifiers, desiccant driers, HEPA air movers and filters, axial air movers, injection driers, a multitude of different drying and cleaning and air purifying equipment.  And as we move a little bit further in, you see that we do in-house cleaning.  We have in-house cleaning products and have a washer and dryer in-house on-site.  All our cleaning products are clearly marked, labeled, and organized on our shelves at our office.  We also have in-house construction equipment that we keep under our upper level.  And when we move upstairs we have an additional about 500 SF on this top mezzanine and also on the right there in an additional room above our office, which is on the bottom there.  An organized shop and organized equipment equals organized job progress.  So we keep everything very clearly organized and labeled.  In the front here on the left you can see quite a few boxes that we use for pack-outs and moving contents from one location to another.  More airmovers at the top.  And then move back down.  Dry Express Restoration, we are your choice for water, fire, mold, and construction services.  We serve all coastal locations including water damage Carlsbad, flooded house Oceanside, overflowed toilet Del Mar, wet carpet removal La Jolla, wet ceiling drywall inspection Pacific Beach, overflowed bathtub Ocean Beach, wet wood floor drying Hillcrest, capet dryout Rancho Santa Fe, sewage cleanup removal Solana Beach, wet home dryout Encinitas, wet condo from above unit Clairemont, flooded drywall wall Coronado drying, flooded crawlspace Imperial Beach, and all areas in-between and as far away from the Ocean.  We also cover fire damage, mold removal, smoke damage removal , cigarette damage removal , and trauma and blood damage in all the above areas. Call us today! 619.597.2003 to schedule an immediate inspection 24/7.

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