What to do After Smoke Damage

There was a fire in my home and I have smoke damage on my walls, what do I do now?

Smoke damage is a frustrating problem that occurs after a fire in your home. Your walls will probably have soot and blistering on them and you’ll probably have a smoky odor throughout the home.

The first thing you do not want to do is touch the walls.  The natural oils found on human hands will mix with the soot and leave streaky grease marks on your paint.  Even the minimum amount of pressure from your finger pushing on the wall will cause this grease to be pushed into the paint.  If the soot is grease based (the fire involved burnt food or chemicals), the same damage may be caused even if while wearing plastic gloves.  Once sooty-grease is pushed into the paint, it becomes very difficult to remove and will probably require the walls to be stripped and repainted.

Smoke Damage

The first thing that you will want to do is call Dry Express Restoration.  Our team of fire damage professionals will use special products and equipment to safely and cleanly remove soot while causing a minimal amount of damage to your walls.  We also use High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters to remove the smoke in the air to make it safer and less odorous.

During a fire, unpainted drywall absorbs smoke and will have an odor that will remain long after the fire has been extinguished. In order to remove the odor, the drywall will need to be replaced. Any insulation in the walls will need to be replaced too, as it is likely to have absorbed the smoke as well. Other areas of the home such as ceiling tiles, beams and rafters may also need to be replaced due to smoke damage.

In order to have all this done professionally and safely, call Dry Express Restoration.

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