When and How Do I Get My Home Cleaned from the San Diego Fires

We work with all insurance carriers. Because it is the prime weather and time of year for San Diego Fires, it is super important to be cautious and in preparation mode..  Cal Fire has updates on the conditions and if any fires begin.  Many home owners want to know “is getting smoke and ash and fire damage cleaned up and removed from my home covered by my insurance”? They also want to know “how do I get a company to clean my home from fire damage and work with my insurance company”? Follow our steps below so we can help you through the process!

The steps for getting fire damage restoration to your home covered by your insurance is as follows:fire damage wild fires cleanup

1.  Give us a call to discuss the damage to your home 619.597.2003.

2.  Schedule an on-site inspection.  Once the fires have subsided near your home, your home can be cleaned so that the work does not have to be done more than once.

3.  Sign authorization allowing us to speak with your insurance carrier.

4.  We will speak directly with your insurance carrier to verify coverage (nearly all cleaning will be covered by insurance as long as you have a current policy) and then take down payment for the work.

5.  We understand this is a very frustrating and traumatic experience for homeowners. Our project managers are trained to walk you through the process and tailor the process to help you feel the most comfortable.

5.  We will start the restoration cleaning and/or demo process (structure & contents)

6.  We will store you contents either on-site or off-site for proper cleaning, if applicable, and as needed.

7.  We will bring back the contents when the structure is back to normal and/or when the insurance company or yourself want them back after they have been cleaned.

8.  We will bill the insurance company for the work.

We will take the time and exemplify compassion during this time of crisis for you, your family, and your home. We are available 24/7/365 for your questions, inspections, and taking care of your home. 619.597.2003. And, don’t forget it is always beneficial to have an emergency plan before an emergency hits!


Disclaimer: The photo used in this blog is from a past San Diego Fire.

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