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Terry Young, Owner

With over 25 years of project management experience, Terry is an expert at making sure your project is completed to your highest standards with top notch quality, punctuality, and efficient. He has carried out a countless number of engineering studies in association with external and internal resources, giving him an edge on all competition! His preparation for every project along with his detailed budgets ensures that you will get the best price! From submitting business cases, initial planning documents, scope of work, benefit determination, and cost estimation, Terry will start your managing project with a solid foundation. He provides the stakeholder with project status and outlook for success, and has the knowledge to recommend project improvements. He will track the preparation of construction plans as per development plans as well as track requests for construction permits. Throughout the project, Terry organizes and supervises calls for tenders and evaluates the workflow and processes; he oversees the various construction contracts and tracks all progress. If a conceptional or operational problem ever arises, he knows how to assess the situation and come up with the most efficient solution. He knows how to close projects with great solidity and happy customers!


terrence Young

 Over the past twelve years, Terrence has dedicated his time and efforts to continuing to grow the excellence of the company. Well-rounded in both residential and commercial matters involving restoration, environmental remediation (asbestos and mold), structural repairs, emergency repairs, fire and water damage, and insurance related damage- he is able to properly analyze your situation and provide the best service possible. Terrence has the vital role of making sure all staff is properly trained, professional, and efficient. By doing so, he ensures that all jobs will be completed in the safest way for both customers, customers’ property, and the staff. He knows how to give you the best staff and service to make sure you end up with a job well done!


Terrell Young

Having two decades experience working with the family business and becoming an expert in all services in which is encompasses, Terrell has a clear understanding for water extraction and remediation. He is well versed in all things remediation – this comes from many hours in class participating in extensive training for all certifications needed for water, mold, and fire remediation, and even more hours of real world experience in the field. Terrell looks forward to working with you to get to the bottom of your problem or project and enjoys establishing both strong client relationships and business connections with insurance agents, commercial and residential property managers, plumbers, and mold inspectors. 


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