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Fire Damage Repair, Smoke & Soot Removal, And Restoration In San Diego CA

When a homeowner or building owner has a fire in their structure like a kitchen fire or an electrical outlet fire that damages a portion or all of their property, their lives are in disarray. We take care to understand your extremely difficult situation of not having your home and minimize further damage by using our specialized knowledge and equipment for expedited fire damage restoration including:

  • Boardups
  • Packouts
  • Demolition
  • Anti-etching of metals and glass
  • Contents cleaning
  • Smoke odor removal
  • Duct cleaning
  • Coordination of reconstruction
  • Contents replacement

A few examples of remediation related to fire / smoke damage are the following:

  • Roof fire started by lightening, roofing contractor accident, or accidental fire starting
  • Interior fire caused by a plumber soldering a pipe and catching fire to wood material
  • Kitchen fire caused by a faulty appliance
  • Accidental fire starting from an occupant that causes burning of a carpet
  • Electrical wire malfunction
  • Gas line malfunction causing an explosion
  • Fire start caused by working on a care in the garage area
  • Candle left overnight and causing a fire on the wooden table it was resting on

The above are all real examples of remediation work we have completed. We can also coordinate the construction by offering referrals. Give us a call. We are your one source from start to finish for your fire damage restoration needs.

Immediate Remediation Response Needed Because…..

After the fire has been suppressed, at a minimum a structure should be boarded up, emergency protection against etching of metals and glass should be conducted, and utilities should be shut off as needed.  Our technicians are trained for proper board-up of windows and doors to guard against vandalism and to apply products to metals and galas to stop the etching due to soot residue moving downward on them due to time and gravity.  Additionally, the gas line should be shut off at an approved valve and the utility company contacted to ensure a leak does not occur.  Many times the electricity and water should be shut off depending on the severity of the fire.  Further damage or a re-occurrence can occur if these are not completed.

If a fire strikes your home or office, you need to have trained professionals come
to your aid right away.  Call Dry Express Restoration and one of our technicians will be there to help
you as quickly as possible.

Smoke and soot leave terrible odors and stains on your home, furnishings, clothing
and other belongings.  Don’t try to clean this yourself as you can cause more damage
than the original fire!  Call the professionals at Dry Express Restoration and let us use the
proper tools and equipment to protect you and your property.  Follow these steps
to be safe and to protect yourself and your property.

1)  Do not stay in the area while smoke smell is present.  Smoke particles can stay
in the air for days after a fire and need to be filtered by mask or HEPA filters.

2)  Do not attempt to clean items with soot on them.  Soot will smear on walls and
grind into fabrics if not properly treated.  This sometimes causes more damage than
the original fire.

3)  Clean metal surfaces (door knobs, cabinet handles, stainless steel appliances,
etc.) as soon as possible to prevent the acids in soot from pitting them.

Once emergency remediation has been completed, further remediation is necessary very quickly to get the structure back to normal.  Without proper remediation, air filtration, and air exhaustion / ventilation, the remediation efforts will not result in a odor-free environment.

Down-time of the structure / home / business can take a toll on the lives of the inhabitants.  We can respond immediately and get your structure back to normal very quickly.

Fire and Smoke Damage Repair Contractor

After remediation is complete, many times there are components that need to be put back together.  For example, drywall, texturing, painting, carpeting, linoleum, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, insulation, baseboard, cabinets, countertops, appliance replacement, roofing, siding, windows, toilets, sinks, fixtures, cleaning, etc may need to be replaced by a contractor after fire damage to a property or properties.  When this damage occurs by a fire many times it is covered by insurance and the homeowner or building owner needs a licensed contractor for the damage repair that is familiar with the reconstruction and claims process with insurance companies.  We can coordinate the reconstruction from start to finish using one of our affiliated contractors and keeping several items in-house.

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